Wyrd: Divergent Paths Weeks 3 & 4 Available Now


Wyrd’s latest Global Malifaux Event is going strong. Missions for weeks 3 and 4 are out – come check them out!

If you’re not familiar with the current event we had a quick primer you can check out. Wyrd has released the next two weeks missions for players to engage in. If you want to help shape the destiny of the 3 new characters then now is your chance to get involved!

Divergent Paths Website



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The Divergent Paths global event will run from September 12, 2016 until November 20, 2016.

Divergent Paths is global Malifaux event that gives players all over the world a chance to help shape the future of Malifaux. It begins with three individuals: a snarky practical joker, an inquisitive child, and a self-righteous man. As the event progresses, each character will walk their own path and become something different from what they once were.

Divergent Paths puts the control of these character’s development in the hands of our community of players. Every other week, each character will be given a special story encounter scenario and a list of abilities. Based on which Faction gets the most wins in the story encounter, the character will gain one of those abilities. At the end of the campaign, each character will become an actual Malifaux model with abilities based on the results of the campaign.*

*All results are subject to playtesting. The final version of the character may appear significantly different than what was provided at the end of the event in order to make the character work well within the game of Malifaux, but every attempt will be made to ensure that the flavor and spirit of the event makes it onto the final rules..


Participating is as easy as playing a game with the unique scenario rules and submitting your results. You can also go to local participating stores to get games in as well. If you’re looking to report your results or looking for participating stores just scroll down on the Divergent Paths page for all the info.


How will these 3 characters fair? Fate is in your hands…

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