Lord of Change, D&D, 40K Enduring Problems & More


What a crazy weekend we had tabletop fans! Get in here to catch up.

PrintFlashback: What’s Wrong With 40K Today

The more things change, the more they stay the same…


GM Tips with Matt Mercer – GM Screens

Voice actor and DM for Critical Role, Matt Mercer, shares tips to help Dungeon Masters take their games to the next level…

eh07_preview1FFG Weekly Releases: Ghost of Harrenhal & The Dreamlands

Fantasy Flight Games has two new expansions for two separate games – come see what’s hitting stores this week!

gatheringstormfallofcadiabook_prodslideFall of Cadia: A Peek Inside

The Warmaster Strikes at Cadia…and it doesn’t look good for the Imperium.

gatheringstormcollectioneng_prodslideGW: New Releases January 7 “Pricing & Links”

The Gathering Storm is up for pre-order along with a triumvirate of heroes of the Imperium!

fall-of-cadia-horzFall of Cadia: Latest GW Teaser

Games Workshop is ramping up the info on next week’s big event for 40K: The Gathering Storm I – Fall of Cadia!

shadowseer-01Fall of Cadia: Intriguing Characters Arrive

The Fall of Cadia is upon us. Take a look at some interesting and unexpected folks who show up to the battle.

WAR_LordofChange1 (1)40K BREAKING: Plastic Lord of Change!

GO GO GO – Look what just popped up! Praise Tzeentch.


~Ok, you’re all caught up – onto the week!

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