Privateer: New Model Releases – January 2016


Menoth, Retribution & Skorne have goodies about to hit the shelves. Take a look!

Eye of Truth$59.99

Resplendent with the glory of Menoth, the Eye of Truth banishes the foul sorceries of unbelievers with the might of divine will. When this magnificent warjack fights, there is no place for the wicked and unrepentant to hide, and their perfidies are soon cleansed from the world. The Eye of Truth has transcended its humble origins as a simple weapon of war to become a true instrument of the Great Crusade.


Desert Hydra – $109.99

With five huge heads independently biting and spitting acid at its foes, the Desert Hydra is one of the most devastating warbeasts the Skorne Empire has ever captured and conditioned for war. Each head can release a focused spray of highly corrosive acid or snatch up opponents to be devoured by its gaping, hellish jaws. Flesh hooks protruding from beneath armored plates keep the beast maddened with pain, spurring it to further carnage even after suffering multiple decapitations.



The Hyperion towers over the vanguard as one of the most formidable weapons in the Retribution’s arsenal, armed with an incomprehensibly powerful starburst weapon capable of annihilating anything in its blast. The Helios, housing the largest field generator in any myrmidon, has the power to reshape battlefields; the monumental forces it wields push and pull opponents wherever it chooses. Originally kept within Ios’ borders to defend the nation and especially House Shyeel, these machines have recently been added to the Retribution’s righteous cause.


Sovereign Tristan Durant$16.99

Since becoming a full-fledged warcaster, Tristan Durant has been elevated to high station as a sovereign of the Protectorate. He serves the Creator by spreading the word of Menoth to all who would hear it. Though compassionate, Durant does not hesitate to unleash holy wrath in Menoth’s name upon his enemies, particularly when such foes threaten the safety of the growing flock under his protection.

Feora, The Conquering Flame$34.99

Feora, the Conquering Flame continues on her rising trajectory within the Protectorate. She has taken the reins of the southern armies like never before and has extended her participation in crusades abroad. Her aspirations have always been higher—to rule the theocracy—and the time has come when her flame may rise to its ultimate ascendancy as Feora continues to solidify her place at the heart of the nation’s dawning golden age.
~All of these are out on the tomorrow, the 11th – pick them up at your FLGS!
  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    And the Hydra finally comes out ^^

    • dave long island

      All Hail Hydra!!

      • Golden Yak

        Yes! Praise him!

  • marxlives

    The Eye of Truth has a righteous cephylax vibe.

  • Pedwidge

    Looks like Feora is riding a Ponyta

    • zeno666

      Yeah, with Hot Rod-armour 🙂

      • DeadlyYellow

        I can’t tell if that horse has an exhaust system or if it’s just decor.

    • petrow84

      Look at my horse,
      my horse is a-flaming!
      Give it a lick
      It just tastes like kerosene!

  • Aezeal

    I only like the Hydra, but not really for the model it is but more for the potential it had. I dislike the busy small legs on the side of it’s belly. I dislike the fact it seems a bit too much pressed together and I dislike the armor on the head (especially on the weird flap thingies, those arent’bad.. but armoring them seems odd). The “side jaws” are not a bad idea but not well excecuted in my opinion.

    The other models aesthetic doesn’t appeal to me at all. Weird proportions etc.

    • Golden Yak

      I love the little nubby legs.

  • nurglitch

    The notion of a ‘desert hydra’ is kind of weird given that the Hydra of Greek myth was an allegory for…wait for it…water. It’s more of a multi-headed ‘niderpillar.

    • NightLord_001

      Sand is just dry water.

      • Golden Yak

        Oh my god…

      • petrow84

        Just add water…

  • OldHat

    Now we just desperately need that Skorne errata.

  • Talos2

    Hydra is good but they still can’t do cavalry, terrible horse