X-Wing: System Open Series 2017 Prizes


FFG shows off some of the new prizes for the 2017 X-Wing System Open Series!

Some folks to go tournaments for the competition. Some folks just want to go for the games and atmosphere. Some folks want the prizes! Well, Fantasy Flight Games will have plenty of prizes to hand out at the upcoming System Open Series for X-Wing:

via FFG



Just for showing up to the event, ever player will receive an Alternate-art Aurebesh Darth Vader Crew Card and Alternate Back Damage Cards! Not to shabby just for going to the event.

Initial Day Performance


After the first seven rounds, if you have a winning record of four or more victories you’ll get a unique pair of Target Lock tokens. Every victory beyond the first will earn you another pair with a different design. This might not seem like much in terms of prize support but it’s some pretty awesome bragging rights…

Final Day Performance


If you make the cut to the next day and you win a round you’ll be awarded with 10 custom shield tokens. If you win two (or more) rounds you’ll end up with a total of 20 tokens! Again, these are custom and only available at the System Open Series.

Top 8


This is where the prizes start to get pretty fancy. For making the cut to the Top 8 you’ll receive a custom set of these black and red maneuver templates. Taking these home will make you the envy of your home club for sure!

Top 4


The top 8 will also move on to a single elimination tournament – the prize for winning your first round will be a set of these custom range rulers.

Finalist and Winner

The finalist and winner of each event will receive a plaque or trophy featuring the Open they won…But for the winner, you’re also getting something pretty awesome:

“The winner of each Open will receive the grand prize: travel and hotel accommodations to the Coruscant Invitational at Star Wars Celebration Orlando! More news about what awaits those competitors at that incredible event will be coming soon!”

That’s a pretty awesome grand prize! But if you get knocked out early, don’t fret – you can participate in the Hanger Bay Side Tournaments. This event has some special rules so you’ll want to be sure you read-up on those but you could also take home some very cool alt-art cards as well:



Last Year’s System Open Series was pretty exciting – are ready to make your attack run?

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