PP: Primecast Painting Tips

Privateer Press Drybrushing

Dallas from Privateer Press is back with some more painting tips for beginners!

A few weeks ago we noted that Privateer Press Entered the “Video” game with their youtube channel. Well now, they are getting past the model prep and diving into some great tips on how to get your model tabletop ready. Mastering these basic techniques can make your models look great on the tabletop:

via Privateer Press



Applying Washes:

Again, these are great videos for beginners – if you’ve never picked-up a brush before Dallas is a great teacher and can help you get your stuff looking ready for the tabletop in no time.

I hope they continue this series and move on to some infantry models…


Good Washes are like the ‘steroids’ for painting…”but everyone does it!”

  • ruleslawyer

    Not bad but he’s no Duncan

  • Lion El’ Jonson

    Duncan is the true lord of painting tutorials!

  • Horus84cmd

    Its amusing to see the style of video trying really hard not to be too similar to certain competitors style of video – which is a hard task really. There is only so many ways to film and talk about painting a model. Unfortunate for PP to be caught out by how aggressively GW has been rolling out their online content in last 12 months.