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Privateer Press Enters The “Video” Game

Jan 21 2017

Formula P3 Presents thumbnail

Watch out Duncan, Formula P3 is gunning for your Hobby Video Belt…

Privateer Press Prime has been cranking out tons of videos for awhile. Their latest series is all about taking you from battle box to tabletop. Since the new year started, they’ve been releasing a video every week or so. Now, the first couple in the series are pretty basic things but it looks like they are ramping up. Check these out:

via Privateer Press Prime

Again, these are definitely geared toward newer hobbyists but everyone has to start somewhere and these are perfect for that. Plus, we all enjoy a bit of friendly competition as it can help everyone step-up their game. So if you’re looking for some basic tutorials be sure to check Privateer Press Prime for info on all things Warmachine/Hordes.



Do you think they are going to thin their paints?

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