Unboxing: Cygnar Heavy Jack Brickhouse

Major Beth Maddox’s personal warjack is bringing the pain. Come take a look at the new Brickhouse Model!

He’s a little bit Ironman, he’s a little bit Thor, but one thing is for sure Brickhouse is ALL Warmachine:

Rocking a Power Maul and some Magno Fist tech that would make Ironman jealous Brickhouse is one tough Warjack. He’s on the tougher side of the Cygnar ‘Jack spectrum with his Armor and box count, too. And if you bring him with Major Maddox, you’ve got a Bond that will allow you to hit back with a Retaliatory Strike!

Now, I won’t get into other game play facts and features of Brickhouse – I’ll leave that to our two warmachine ringers for that. No, I want to focus on the actual model itself. Brickhouse is made of both Resin and Metal components. The legs of this jack are metal to provide a solid foundation. The main body and arms of the jack are resin to provide you with an outstanding amount of detail.

You will need to clip and clean most of the components but that process shouldn’t take you to long. I also want to point out that the Power Maul was a tad warped in the version we unboxed – but no need to panic! If you’re an experience hobbyist you probably know that soaking the bit in warm water for a bit and then straightening it out will do the trick. And if you’re new, well now you know!

Because this model is made of both metal and resin you’re going to have to use some type of super glue and not a plastic glue on this one – no way around that. For added strength to the bond you might also want to score the contact points of the two materials. It’s not 100% necessary but from my experience it does help. Or just pin the thing…

Overall, this is another great kit from Privateer Press and will be another great addition to an aspiring Cygnar collections out there! Brickhouse hit shelves earlier this month so it’s hopefully still in stock at your FLGS – so what are you waiting for? Go check it out!

Brickhouse $59.99

With its advanced armament and heavily armored hull, Major Beth Maddox’s personal warjack Brickhouse is a veritable wall of steel. While capable of enduring sustained assaults and holding vital battlefield positions, the warjack is just as eager to wade into enemy ranks to crush opposing warjacks with blows from its devastating power maul. No matter the situation, this bulwark of Cygnaran engineering is a welcome sight to its allies.


Steam-punk Repulsor tech. Eat your heart out Tony Stark!

  • Crevab

    Good, doesn’t look like it should be too hard to fix the pose

    • zeno666

      Yeah, there is hope.

  • Kinsman

    That derpy model is 60$…..PP has been around long enough, that model should be unforgivable.

    • Shawn

      Yeah, I agree. $60 for a single heavy warjack? Partial resin doesn’t cost that much.

      • Damon Sherman

        they’ve been doing that since the likes of “Old Rowdy” and “Fire of salvation”. At least those jacks were all metal.
        I guess it’s like the old GW “special character tax”.

        • Shawn

          I have to agree with you on that one. It saddens me, but it seems PP is in “Let’s copy GW, they have a winning strategy” mode.