40K: 5 Plastic Kits That Need To Happen

The Fans want them so what’s the hold up? Check out the 5 kits we want to see in plastic!

After the big reveal yesterday that the new Thunderhawk (while a cool model) is going to be resin, we got to thinking, “Okay, what kits would we like to see in plastic? And more importantly what would the fans want to see in plastic?” Now, we know there are other things to consider like production time/cost/resources/sales cannibalization – but we’re just spit-balling so those things don’t matter! Here are the Top 5 kits we want to see in plastic!

Sisters of Battle

This one is a no-brainer. Folks have been hoping to get plastic Sisters for YEARS. There is a built-in market of players that want them and a whole new batch of folks that would be interested in them. GW proved they could do it with the Triumvirate of the Imperium. Anyone else thinking that St. Celestine was just a test run?

Greater Daemons (of Nurgle and Slaanesh)

We already saw what Games Workshop could do with Khorne and Tzeentch – how about some love for Big Poppa and everyone’s favorite secret keeper? There were stories floating around that the Glottkin was going to be the GUO in plastic form – but that was never confirmed. But based on that (and the Bloodthirster / Lord of Change) I’m betting GW has something CRAZY in store for the GUO. Oh and I don’t even know what’s going on with Slaanesh and what they want to do with that model. But here’s hoping they both come back in plastic!

Contemptor Dreadnought

“Wait – we already have one of those! You used the box art as your example image!” Yeah, I know – this kit is incomplete. Look, I get that it’s plastic and it’s a Contemptor and it even has a couple different weapon options. I also understand that GW probably doesn’t want to cannibalize sales from the FW kits for this model. But this kit…it needed to be better. Games Workshop has had a plastic dreadnought in a starter set before. But the “real” kit was MUCH better than the starter version. I was hoping that the Contemptor solo kit would get the same treatment. It did not. I’m still holding a grudge. Maybe I’m a dwarf at heart…

Daemon Princes

No, no, no…not those Daemon Princes. THESE:

Okay, maybe I’m just being greedy. Sure, the two “red ones” are similar but really want I want to see is a new Daemon Prince for each of the Chaos Gods. That old metal Nurgle Daemon Prince is a great model and the “newer” kit is mostly fine. I think my issue is that the Daemon Prince (new) was just trying to be too modular. It’s a kit for both 40k and (at the time) fantasy. Looking at it now it seems kind of bland. For my money I want a Daemon Prince that reflects their patron chaos god. The Nurgle kit has set the bar and the “new” plastic kit doesn’t quite clear it for me.


Oh I’m sorry, is my chaos showing?! Have I mentioned that I want a new plastic Abaddon kit? I have? Yeah…definitely not going to let this one go. Make it happen GW. Make. It. Happen. An all plastic Chaos Triumvirate would be pretty sweet…maybe Abaddon, a new Daemon Prince, and a Chaos Warhound? Just sayin!

Bonus: Every Eldar Phoenix Lord & Avatar

And maybe their respective Aspects, too?


I was going to finish the list with the Plastic Thunderhawk…but it’s just too soon. What kits would you want in plastic?

  • SilentPony

    Contemptor? Daemon Princes?!

    How about a Thunderhawk, a Warhound Titan and all 17 other Primarchs?

    • Daniel R Weber

      Apparently you haven’t seen the notices that a new Thawk is coming (and sounds like plastic)

      • Bong Ripper

        That rumour was quashed yesterday, they were just updating to a new resin kit.

        • Daniel R Weber

          Fair enough. But do we ‘need’ more marine kits over the other armies that lack models, or haven’t had resculpts in many, many years? The poster children get enough already. 😀

          • orionburn

            Especially when you consider all the single blister models they get. I understand they have a broader range of people they can reach with those models for all the different SM armies, but still…knowing some metal models have been kicking around for a looooooong time it’s hard to justify anymore compared to some one-off runs they’ve done (like the Canoness model).

    • Malisteen

      several of the primarchs are dead as a doorknob in 40k times, tho.

      • Ryan C

        If GW wants to its pretty easy to always write fluff to give reason on “how” each one actually survived and was only thought as dead.

      • Chris Hateley

        He has a point, guys. We all know GW NEVER re-writes the fluff…

        • Malisteen

          Some of the dead primarchs are outright defined by their death. Bringing back Night Haunter, for instance, would be a complete betrayal of his character. Is it really so impossible to be happy with the primarchs in 30k, where they belong?

          • Chris Hateley

            Necrons are defined by being soulless automata tricked into trading their flesh for metal bodies by their gods and now completely under their thrall. Oh wait, no they’re not… nowadays.

          • Malisteen

            and looked how many ticked off necron players there were about that.

    • pokemastercube .

      you mean 16 primarchs right? as we have 2 allready in plastic

      • Vladamyr

        I do not think that Curze’s head will suddenly reattach

        • pokemastercube .

          i forget he is dead, use to primarches just dying in the actual heresy battles. but ferrus is in the same position as him

    • Swimpackus

      16 you mean. We already have Sanguinius. Just go to your local GW’s paint rack and pick up a pot of bloodletter and you’re all set.

    • NNextremNN

      GW only makes models for their rules and games and not for display. Apocalypse sized games and HH are the field of forgeworld. So no those things won’t happen anytime soon.

  • Hendrik Booraem VI


    • uatu13

      We’re already getting Squats, they’re called Kharadron Overlords. All GW needs to do is make a codex for them and they’d be ready to go!

      • vlad78

        No, they need trikes, bolters, megavulcan canons… And beards, lots of beards, kharadon are just half way there.

        • uatu13

          I don’t think we’re going to get exact copy of rogue trader guys, nor do I welcome those ugly models being remade. Using these awesome models would bring an interesting style to 40K we don’t have yet, and would act as a gateway into AOS since they’d be dual use.

          • vlad78

            Who talked about remaking the RT squats? They just need to merge some of the earlier concepts with current CAD tech (and creativity). I’ not interested in the AOS gateway, to me AOS and 40k target different audiences (unless sigmarization of 40k goes too far with 8th edition).

          • uatu13

            Midgets riding bikes sure sounds like RT to me!

            I guess people would rather have nothing than to accept a faction could look differently than they were 25 years ago.

          • vlad78

            There are thousand of ways to implement such concept.

            I don’t see how this is worse than fishmen in mecha armor. ;p

  • Arthfael

    Yeah, I never can take these new daemon princes seriously when I remember how frightening the DoW incarnation of the original metal one was.

    • Haighus

      The DoW Daemon prince was pretty damn cool. Also massive.

  • orionburn

    When you do an article about plastic kits that never should have happened that Contemptor Dread needs to be on that list.

  • John Forsythe

    Ork buggies and treks that aren’t 20 yrs old would be nice.

    • Damistar

      A thousand times YES on this! The war buggy kit was poor back in 2nd ed when they produced it and the war trakk was more of the same. Speed Freek players have been begging since the old Armageddon world campaign.

  • Pedwidge

    Plastic Aspect warriors have been long overdue.

    • Karru

      Yeah, while the the sculpts are very nice looking, the mono-pose gets old fast once you get more than one unit of them as it gets more and more apparent that there are very few different sculpts.

  • Karru

    Going for the more realistic approach here, the plastic kits I would love to see are these:

    1. Sisters (just like the article for obvious reasons)
    2. Aspect Warriors
    3. Cult Marines
    4. Daemon “Special” beasties (Beasts of Nurgle, Flesh Hounds, Fiends)
    5. Ork Specialists (Kommandos/Tankbustas)

    While I might like to see things like the Thunderhawk and the Warhound in plastic, I already know for a fact I would never actually buy one. They are way too expensive to be used in a normal game and way too powerful in the case of the Warhound. While the painting process sounds very fun considering how much fun I had with my Knight, seeing the 200+€ kit sit in a cabinet forever doesn’t sound really appealing. Especially considering that there are units that actually would benefit from plastic kits AND would see use.

    • Gooberbaby

      Sly Marbo!

  • Ezekiel and Azrael from Dark Angels would be nice, as they are still metal.
    Something new for Guard would be good too. So much is still metal and very dated.

  • danbond

    Agree with Greater Daemons, Abaddon and Sisters. No need for the rest as Contemptor weapons can be done easily enough with Forgeworlds weapons and Daemons Princes are fine as they are.

    To be honest:
    Deimos Rhino (would sell like hot cakes to 30k players)
    Chaos Havocs (which have been begging for a new kit for years)
    Fiends of Slaanesh (since the old model is only available in finecrap)

    • Djbz

      Daemon Princes are more of a convert your own than use the base model (Though it’s not a bad start)

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      Deimos rhino would be next plastic kit for sure if I was in charge!

  • Daniel R Weber

    How about something not in the poster child wheelhouse for GW? How about some not-marine/eldar (and chaos for flavoring)? Maybe some Ork stuff that’s missing, or languishing in 15+ year old sculpts? How about anything new for the Orks that doesn’t make a player feel like they’re getting Squatted in the lack of attention paid to them?

  • irvinil

    Warlocks: a core unit of eldar army with a single monopose model. the others are flat, ugly miniatures from the 80’s!!!

    Aspects warriors: it is A SHAME!!!
    At last, please remove these also outdated, flat, dwarfish and under-detailed eldar aspects warriors:

    Warp Spiders
    Swooping hawks
    shinning spears

    no other army has so many old (80-90’s) core units to be redone!
    I don’t talk about special characters, of course, which are not requires to built a fluffy ‘standard’ army.
    I talk about squads: elite, troups, fast

    • TenDM

      I don’t mind the current ones, but I’d love a Warlock Coven kit with five non-Skyrunners that can be equipped with Witch Blades or Singing Spears.

  • Ryan C

    Imo a Thunderhawk would be a waste of time. Cool, yes, but a 750pt transport doesn’t lend itself very well to 1850pt standard games. I think the Stormraven was created as a Thunderhawk compromise that actually fits better into a normal match.

    Imo the whole Daemon range needs to be redone. I prefer the previous generation for almost all of them. Including that DP. Whenever I see the plastic DP all I can think of is that it was a Goblin who got raised to Daemonhood. Super sharp features, rows of needle teeth, big goofy grin, etc.

    There are also some really old models that really could do with new kits such as Chaos Bikers, Chaos Havocs, Noise marines, Khorne Bezerkers, Eldar Aspect Warriors, Ork Vehicles, etc, imo they should be top of the list.

  • NovaeVox

    Gahh, plastic Thunderhawk…

    While it would be *nice* if GW made a plastic kit. It doesn’t seem entirely sensible currently. Most seem to agree that flyers are clunky in the current ruleset. In addition to that, GW pushed not one, but TWO flyer supplements last year to a collective “Meh.” from the community. Thunderhawks combine the practical and ruleset complications of being a flyer and super-heavy, more or less.

    Sure, a plastic Thunderhawk would likely sell better than it’s resin counterpart if the price is significantly reduced. But GW would have to be certain that it would see a decent return on its investment in an expensive plastic mold. However in the current game meta/financial climate I’m not sure that investment would be justified, even if the model is the archetypical flyer of the 40k’s most popular army.

    • rtheom

      Yeah, therein lies the problem. People are fantasizing the plastic Thunderhawk would be $150, when in reality it would probably still be $300+ in plastic. It’s the same with the Warhound wishings.

      • Ryan C

        I think, and GW likely also knows, that even though everyone clamours for a plastic thunderhawk that very few people would actually buy one and for those who do it would be just a big dust collector on a shelf that most of them would regret buying.

  • Robert Meade

    After sisters, and a Greatcoat infantry for IG like steel legion perhaps, they just need to go through their line and update the basic troops box for all the factions that haven’t had it in years.
    Aspect warriors, Generic chaos marines + havocs, Orks.

    Then go on to the more specialized stuff that is not being passed over. Daemon ‘fiends’, Inquisition stuff like crusaders, etc.

    But really i can’t complain… they did mechanicus and GS cult… and triumvirate of the Imperium was excellent

  • lordokaos

    1. Thunderhawk
    2. Aspect Warriors other than Dire Avengers
    3. Thunderhawk
    4. Everything you mentioned above
    5. Thunderhawk

    • vlad78

      6. Squats.

    • Cristhian Mario Landa Rivera

      I think you forgot Thunderhawk.

  • rtheom

    Gotta agree on the Daemon Prince needing a new kit. The current one has been terrible since the day it was released. The extremely static pose and very limited decoration options along with the awkward hard edges to the model have never made it feel quite at home with the rest of the GW chaos line.

  • Krizzab

    eldar shadow spectres. And ork stuff like bikes, tricycles and waggons

  • allheilstormcrow

    Flayed ones? Ezekiel?

  • Jani Jalassalo

    Plastic Havocs also Plastic Techmarine with servitors and Thunderfire cannon

    • Andrew Stent

      Totally agree

  • tau4eva


  • Daniel Steel

    Eldar Aspect Warriors?

  • Sorien

    Ork Warboss kit with all the options, just like the Space Marine commander box. Maybe even a bike as well, or at least bits to mount on a bike.

  • erion

    That last one is the most correct answer to the question.

  • Moonsaves

    So… the Work Warbuggy is plastic, but if anything needed an update, that would be it. Look at the illustrations of Warbuggies in Imperial Armour 8 and weep that the designs were never put to table.

  • Glottkin was confirmed by the designer on warhammer tv on twitch to originally be the great unclean one but was changed somewhere in the proces

  • Rainthezangoose

    Two things that are already in plastic *yawn* as if everything single still sold failcast kit didn’t deserve either spots more.

  • alariccantonain

    Thunderhawk. What else ?

  • AnomanderRake

    How about an update to all the 3e-vintage vehicles and infantry units most people are still stuck with?

    • erion

      You leave the Eldar Falcon Alone. It’s the greatest kit of its generation and any attempt to improve it will only end in failure.

  • SilentPony

    Or clones. Just clone the Primarchs. Their original DNA blueprints are somewhere

    • NyyppĂ€

      There would be new personality traits and all that. People do not want the old skin with new guts. They want the actual things.

      • Malisteen

        that’s what some people want. Others of us would prefer the primarchs stayed in 30k, where they belong. Their mere presence reduces a conflict with an otherwise grand, galactic scope to the diminished scale of a petty scuffle between a handful of spoiled brats.

        • NyyppĂ€

          Yeah, the thing is, 40k is not a conflict of grand, galactic scope. It’s an unwavering status guo with some SM hero tales.

          30k was a galactic war.

          • Malisteen

            30k was a disfunctional family spat.

          • NyyppĂ€

            With thousands of marines fighting eachother instead of maybe 5 plus few scouts going against few dozen cultosts or something like that.

            It’s not about motives. It’s about scale. Besides, it’s no more family spat with primarchs than it’s with current country leaders. It’s not like they would have been born and raised in a single family or anything like that.

  • PrehistoricUF0

    Just a bit of info regarding the Keeper of Secrets Slaanesh chica:

    Her head tentacles are actually cast in resin as STRAIGHT pieces. That’s right folks, to get them to curl and actually be usable, you have to bend them using heat. FW actually makes it mandatory for you to use heat methods, otherwise you have these straight, unwieldy tentacles that don’t even attach correctly due to them being too heavy. Terrible pieces, I haven’t even attached mine yet because of this. They don’t tell you that on the FW site – my butt still hurts from seeing those when I opened the package. /rant

  • JTD7445

    But what about Plastic Lictors and Biovores/Pyrovores?

  • Karl Peterson

    How about bringing back the Dark Eldar Lord’s especially Vect, we last saw a model for him in third edition (and let’s admit that those were not the best models the dark eldar had to offer.)

  • Hawt Dawg

    Naked Tau

  • ikari_kun2002

    1. Multi-part Battle Sisters, 10 models, capable of making any BS power armor squad,with all options. $45?
    2. Single pose Battle Sisters, 5 models, all with bolters.$10?
    3. Eldar Autarch box. 2 models, all options except Jetbike. Can alternatively be assembled as any two Phoenix Lords, or one PL and an Autarch. $55?
    4. Ministorum Priests/Inquisition Acolytes.
    5. Carapace armored Guardsmen, along the lines of Kasrkin.

    And recut the Immolator sprue to have two cherubs on it.

    • ikari_kun2002

      While I’m wishlisting, lets have two generic Inquisitors for every Ordo. One comes in a big box with scads of options and the #4 kit in my post above, the other comes in a clampack with no included options, but with a compatible separation scheme so it can use leftovers from the boxed version.
      All Aspect infantry could be done in three more kits: Banshees/Hawks, Dragons/Reapers, and Scorpions/Spiders.
      Eldar Warlocks would be nice – say, five models, with the option to make one as a Farseer and one as a Spiritseer.

  • Bigalmoney666

    Ork warboss!

  • Talos2

    Warhound would be my top choice.

  • MechBattler
  • CristĂłbal Muñoz

    Rough riders for god’s sake!!

  • crazytuco

    With SW:A out, I’d like to see some plastic Eldar Rangers.

  • MechBattler

    Technically, the Glottkin makes a perfectly acceptable Great Unclean One. He’s slightly bigger than the FW one, is MUCH cheaper, and looks the part perfectly. I’d have no problem using him or letting someone else use him as a Great Unclean One.

  • doughouseman

    Squats – Squats and more Squats – After the AoS Dwarves, I really want that treatment in 40K for Squats.

    Then I will take all the old school ORK goodness – crazy vehicles and other odd characters and models.

  • gserhar

    Ghazghkull Thraka needs and update something fierce. Personally I think the current sculpt is fine but it needs to be *at least* another 50% bigger than it is. He’s just WAY too shrimpy to be taken seriously as the Prophet of the Waaagh, the Beast of Armageddon.

  • DeCold

    How about Chaos Havocs eh?

  • Justin Dicken

    Flesh hounds would also be nice.

  • Adam Wright

    Pretty much all the CSM named characters (Abby, Lucius, Fabius, etc)…
    Thunderfire Cannons…
    Inquisitorial Henchmen (even the finecast pos’s)…
    Bjorne the Fell-handed…
    Eldar Aspect Warriors…
    New Khorne Berserkers (seriously those sculpts are ancient)…
    Chaos Havoc squads…
    Ork Big Meks (unless I’m mistaken, wasn’t sure if they had plastic ones)…

    • Locomotive breath

      Bjorn can be constructed from the new Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnought kit ( same one as murderfang)