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40K: Plastic Abaddon, Please?

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Jan 9 2017

abaddon-horz-2nd-edWill the Warmaster of Chaos get a new plastic kit? Let’s take a look at the evidence.

Everyone loves some wild speculation and I’ve got some crazy theories for you all today. With the announcement of the Plastic Lord of Change (Finally!) I’ve got my hopes up that we will get a plastic version of Abaddon as well. “AdamHarry, How are those two things even remotely related?” Glad you asked! Grab your tinfoil hats and follow me on this crazy-train!

weirdalfoil_2322It’s time for a trip on the Tinfoil Express!

Exhibit A: The Chaos Characters are slowly being redone.

We had a plastic Kharn model out of the blue (or is it red) last year:


But that was also announced to divert our attention away from the plastic version of a certain Heresy Era Sorcerer:

1k sons sprue 4

Who later turned out to be the FIRST version of plastic Ahriman.


And then we got his second plastic version late last year too:



Exhibit B: The Plastic Lord of Change wasn’t in Wrath of Magnus…


I remember when we cracked this one open and were surprised to see 1) an entire Tzeentch Daemon list/section. 2) The old metal Lord of Change. I know I wasn’t the only one thinking “Well surely if GW has a plastic LoC this would be the time to show it off, right?” WRONG. Turns out they were sitting on it and even posted pictures of the old one in a “current” book because they are patient…and sneaky. No, they took their time with this one and released it when they wanted to give it the spotlight.

Think about it, why would you “double stack” the release in the same book with a Daemon Primarch, Ahriman, & all the other Thousand Sons releases? You shouldn’t! You should wait until this new centerpiece model can stand in the spotlight on it’s own and get all the attention it deserves! I mean, look at it:



“What does that have to do with Abaddon?” Well, what has just been officially announced for next week? The Gathering Storm: Fall of Cadia. And who’s getting the spotlight from that release? The Imperial Triumvirate:


Which, again, awesome release! They deserve to get the attention too! But folks are still questioning “then why is Abaddon on the cover if he didn’t get a new model?” and “GW even used his old model in the book, too.” Yep, it’s almost like they are doing the same thing: Giving the “new” models a chance to shine while saving the reveal for a later date…

Exhibit C: The Fall of Cadia is just the beginning.

How do we know that? Because Games Workshop TOLD us:

Fall of Cadia is the first book in the Gathering Storm series. A 136-page hardback narrative campaign book, it introduces the Triumvirate of the Imperium – Celestine, the Living Saint, Tech-priest of Mars Archmagos Dominus Belisarius Cawl, and Inquisitor Katarinya Greyfax of the Ordo Hereticus – and chronicles the bitter battle to protect Cadia from the grasp of Abaddon the Despoiler.”

And let’s not forget about a couple of other books that have a pretty big clue on them:




That tells me that there are more releases coming involving the Black Crusade and Abaddon’s march on Terra. Following that logic, that also means Games Workshop will have LOTS of chances to unveil a new Abaddon model – and lets face it, he SORELY needs a new one. And speaking of the old model…

Exhibit D: Abaddon the Despoiler is out of stock on the web store.


Hmm. That’s odd, right? I’m sure it’s probably just a coincidence. It’s not like he was featured in a new release and people are rushing out to get a 20+ year old miniature, right? Or maybe that’s all it was. Yeah, that’s the ticket…


So what’s the verdict? This is all circumstantial evidence at best. We’ve had no rumormongers tell us “hey, I saw a plastic Abaddon!” and we’ve got no other evidence that the Warmaster of Chaos will arrive in plastic. But like I said at the top of the post: I’ve got my hopes up – and all this “evidence” is fun to theorize with…but you know what they say about “Hope” in the Grim-Dark.

Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.


So what do you think? Will we see a new Abaddon model in plastic or was this all just a fun trip on a crazy train?


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