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GW Releases, 40K Women, D&D Shockers & More

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Apr 10 2017

What a weekend! Shadow Wars, Grimdark Women, one surprising D&D writer , Warmachine hobby and some GW advice.

Will Skirmish Dethrone Classic Wargames?

Skirmish games seem to be on the rise… does this mean classic wargaming is falling?

Privateer Press: Painting Special Effects

Privateer Press is here to help you paint up some special effects for your models…

GW: New Releases April 8th “Pricing & Links”

The Sector Mechanicus is up for Pre-order this weekend – Games Workshop’s new Terrain is here!

New Warpath Box Set: Forge Fathers

The Forge Fathers are under the microscope with a new two-player starter for Warpath!

40K: Top 5 Ways to Add More Grim-Dark Women

Games Workshop has a really cool opportunity ahead and that is to add more women to the Grim-Dark. Here’s how!

Geekery: A New D&D Movie is in the Works

Close your eyes and imagine what the writer of a D&D might look like…

D&D: Dice, Camera, Action with Chris Perkins

Come adventure with this week’s live-play through of Storm King’s Thunder – Episode 42

Shadow Wars: GW, You Owe Us A Penalty Kick

Stormcaller is back with some feed back for Games Workshop in regards the Shadow War: Armageddon roll-out.


~OK, you’re all caught up – onto the week.

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