FFG: Runewars Miniatures Game Now Available

Fantasy Flight Games foray into rank-and-file miniatures combat is now available!

The Runewars Miniatures Games is officially available for purchase online and at your FLGS. Here at BoLS we’ve been covering Runewars since it was first showcased last year at GenCon. We’ve gotten our hands on a copy and run through all the units in the box. We also showed off some quick gameplay as well. It’s fair to say we’re pretty excited to see the game finally launch.

If you’ve been waiting for a new rank-and-file miniatures game that rewards players for being able to maneuver their forces (a la X-Wing/Armada) and has a quick and intuitive combat system to learn then this game is for you. On top of that we’ve already seen that FFG is committed to bringing new factions into play, more models for armies, and will offer Organized Play/Tournament Support as well. This game has the powerhouse of Fantasy Flight Games behind it and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

The Cursed Legions of the Waiqar are the undead faction that come in the box. These shambling hordes rise up to do the bidding of their masters and are ready to die (again) for their masters will. Will you be a champion of death and ride the Carrion Worms into battle?

Or perhaps you’ll take up arms with the living and swear allegiance to the Daqan Lords. Don your armor, ready your shields, and prepare for war wit the mighty armies of the protectors of the realm. Will you harness the great strength of the Rune Golems and crush your opponent?

Choose wisely…

On top of all the Launching-Buzz for this game FFG has also partnered up with The Army Painter to bring you an excellent painting guide for your Waiqar forces. Seriously, it’s great. Easy to follow, well laid out, and seriously simple painting steps – anyone can follow this guide and get some great results. There is also an “advanced” section if you want to take your army beyond “tabletop” quality.

The Runewars Miniatures Game has been rocking the boat for awhile – now let’s see what the community does with it! Are you ready for Runewars!?

Runewars Miniatures Game $99.95

For years, the armies of Waiqar the Undying have stayed within their borders, launching only minor raids across the border. But now, a nameless threat stirs within the Mistlands, and legions of undead cross into the realm of Terrinoth under Waiqar’s command! The Daqan Lords have sounded the call to war, and their finest generals lead armies of warriors and golems to take up defensive positions in the border territory of Roth’s Vale. The first battles of the next great war are about to begin. 

RuneWars: The Miniatures Game is a two-player miniatures game of battles between the great powers of Terrinoth. In each game, you and your opponent will gather armies of miniatures and lead them into battle—blocks of infantry will maneuver for position, cavalry wings will wheel and slam into a weakened flank, and monstrous rune golems or carrion lancers will smash through formations of lesser warriors. Innovative command tools, two distinct factions, and countless ways to customize your experience combine to offer an unparalleled miniatures gaming experience in RuneWars. Finally, with forty-eight beautifully sculpted, unpainted figures, you’ll be able to paint and customize your armies to bring an entirely unique touch to your games and enter the hobby of miniatures painting!

  • dave long island

    “Gentlemen, start your Expansion set releases!!… lol”…

    • ZeeLobby

      Playing with just the starter would probably get boring after a while.

      • dave long island

        Indeedly doodly.

  • ZeeLobby

    Picking mine up tomorrow. Pretty pumped. Friend and I split 2 starters, so should get to mess around with different builds.

    • marxlives

      I am going to pick this one up too. FFG does a pretty intense wargame that is not difficult to wrap your head around. Especially where positioning is super important, which is what you want in a FnR.

  • silashand

    While it looks interesting, I will probably give this a pass. I already have too many unpainted fantasy miniatures for other games that I rarely get around to working on. I suspect this would be no different.

  • EvilCheesypoof

    Game looks incredibly fun, seen a few demos. I just wish the models were better. Incredibly generic feel to them.