FW: New Releases: Traitor Knights & Jetbikes

The Gyrfalcon Jetbikes are up for Pre-Order along with a new Traitor Knight Transfer sheet!

The Custodes “Calvary” is zooming in from Forge World this week. These quick-hitting pain bringers are joined by a new Traitor Knight Transfersheet that bears the mark of the scorpion!

via Forge World

Legio Custodes Gyrfalcon Pattern Jetbike £33

Charging across the battlefield on heavily armoured Gyrfalcon pattern Jetbikes, Agamatus squadrons are tasked with hunting down threats to the main Legio Custodes force and destroying fleeing enemy units. Armed with powerful Lastrum pattern bolt cannon, they can annihilate enemy infantry and armour with surgical precision, their jetbikes augmented to provide tremendous bursts of speed on command.

An ideal Fast Attack choice for a Talons of the Emperor army, the mid-engined Gyrfalcon Pattern Jetbike is modelled to evoke speed and manoeuvrability with its sweeping lines and streamlined silhouette. The heavily-armoured pilot is armed with a lance clutched in his right hand (and can be modelled without), and the jetbike itself is armed with an Lastrum bolt cannon. Weapon options include Adrathic Devastator and twin-linked Corvae las-pulser – there is a mounting point on the jetbike’s fairing for one of the three options.

This resin kit comprises 21 components, and comes with a flying stem and 60mm flying base. Rules are available in The Horus Heresy Book Seven: Inferno.

House Malinax Transfer Sheet £16

An A4 transfer sheet packed with the markings and insignia of House Malinax, this is the perfect way to add details such as honour symbols, squad marking, banners and more to your Dark Mechanicum army.

Download the Icon Guide HERE.

Legio Custodes Agamatus Jetbike Squadron £90

Legio Custodes Full-Strength Agamatus Jetbike Squadron £180

Mechanicum Knight Combine £220

Mechanicum Knight Battle-line £380


When the Custodians ride to war, you know it’s going to be a good time…

  • COsteve

    Look like hotdogs.

  • Crablezworth

    not a fan of whole jousting vibe

    • OldHat

      Lances make sense on what amounts to horseback. 😀

  • OldHat

    Still waiting on those Vyronii decals since like September 2015 or whatever. SIGH.

  • Victor Hartmann

    Must say, the Custodes pilot looks very comfortable in his reclining Gyrfalcon