Unboxing: Cygnar Colossal Time

The Cygnar Colossal has a new plastic kit and it’s a big improvement over the original! Take a look inside the Hurricane/Stormwall kit.

Get ready for some bumpy weather – the forecast is predicting LIGHTNING and some devestating storms on the way – all due to the new Cygnar Colossal kit:

Let’s get this out of the way – it’s all plastic, all the time with the new Hurricane/Stormwall kit and I’m a fan of the change! Not only does this lead to a much lighter model, but it fits together better because it’s all the same material. On top of that, it’s hollow – just think of how a talented hobbyist can take advantage of that. Lighting Effects, folks. Lighting Effects…

The kit also contains the cards you need to play either the Stormwall or Hurricane. Now, this kit is designed to be one or other, but I’m sure there is some hobbyist wizard with magnets that might be able to figure out how to make this model transform from one to the other.

I was pleasantly surprised at how clean everything was as well. The plastic sculpts looked sharp and had plenty of detail. I love all the rivets on the model too – something to break-up those clean, flat surfaces. If you’re a pro with an airbrush you’ll be able to get some amazing results on this model for sure. And if you’re more of a traditional paintbrush type, then this model is going to work great with a zenith priming technique.

Overall, the Stormwall made a pretty big splash when it first hit and this new version in all plastic looks to be another great kit, an update of a classic. It just hit shelves this past week so if you’re looking to add some a unit with some shock-and-awe to your army then go check it out!


Hurricane / Stormwall Kit

Stormwalls and Hurricanes tower over Cygnar’s enemies with the majesty and menace of a looming cloudburst. From the thunder of its guns to the blinding arcs of electricity from its lightning pods, the Stormwall is the mechanikal embodiment of the tempest. The Hurricane is a state-of-the-art weapons platform designed to put down the heaviest enemy targets while offering arcane support for its warcaster through its arc node. These technological marvels pound the battlefield with a hailstorm of cannon shells before smashing survivors with their giant fists.


1.21 Jigga-WHATS?!

  • Shawn

    Finally PP does a whole plastic kit! This is the best way to draw me back into the game.

    • ZeeLobby

      Yeah. After working with their new Kodiak kit, it’s so nice having real plastic. Hope they move through the rest of the range pretty fast (though I doubt they will).

      • Shawn

        I hope they do too, but I doubt they will either. However, I will get this kit and magnetize the crap out of it, so I can play both.

  • KreskinsESP

    The lack of real plastic models (not their weird plastic resin that takes glue so poorly that it’s like working with lightweight metal instead of even resin) is the one thing that has kept me from getting fully into PP’s games. I’ve played a few games and enjoyed the rules immensely, but I just don’t have the patience to put up with hassle of metal/resin for an entire army’s worth of models.

    I hope this is a glimpse into their future. New full-plastic starter boxes are coming soon, right?

    • Hawt Dawg

      I wouldn’t count on it.

    • zeno666

      Thats odd. I have some older “restic” warjacks that I want to remove the arms from and magnetize. But I can’t get them off due to the bond CA glue makes with restic.
      I do recommend that you give your miniatures a good wash before assembly and painting. And that applies to all the different materials out there.

  • Hawt Dawg

    While not in the same league as GW, these kits (I have built a Conquest and several Kodiaks/Grolars) have very few mould lines.