Privateer Press: The Wicked Ways of the Grymkin

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Learn more about the Grymkin, the Strangelight Workshop, and the connection between the two in Wicked Ways.

As Privateer Press gears up for the release of the Grymkin and all their Faerie-tale fueled fear and ferocity, we get a look at their place in the wider world of the Iron Kingdoms and the people who are connected to them. Specifically the Strangelight Workshop, which sounds like a vaguely X-Files-y agency dedicated to exploring the supernatural. And given that the Grymkin are beings from Urcaen who have the ability to cross over into the prime material plane, it seems like these guys will have their work cut out for them as they investigate the Grymkin and their glamours.

Wicked Ways is an upcoming anthology that’s just been announced by Privateer Press featuring a collection of stories about the Grymkin. Here’s a little excerpt from Matt Wilson, lead writer on the project.

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Wicked Ways is an anthology in the best expression of the form. My own contribution is the prologue and the epilogue that bookend the piece and frame the origins of the Grymkin themselves. But I also had the opportunity to construct the overarching plot and worked with each of our amazingly talented staff authors to create a story that not only solidified the theme of the anthology but worked chronologically within a greater story arc that introduces the origins of the Grymkin. If you’ve never read a book in the Iron Kingdoms setting, Wicked Ways is a great starting point that immerses you in the world while spooling out a plot that embodies the epic nature of the setting. And if you are a scholar of the Iron Kingdoms already, then Wicked Ways will expand your knowledge and open your mind to the cosmic possibilities that confront this world, and you will be forever changed

Wicked Ways reveals the connection between the Strangelight Workshop and the upcoming HORDES Faction release of Grymkin: The Wicked Harvest. They are inexorably connected, and even more so, the almost paradoxically cause and effect of each other…that is, until you consider the influence of Zevhanna.

Fifteen years after the introduction of Grymkin, they’re finally becoming their own Faction and occupy a place in the cosmology of the setting that is as important as any deity. In that time, the Strangelight Workshop has come into its own as a defining component of the Iron Kingdoms, and a theme I have no doubt we will want to see more of. In fact, we’re doing a whole Strangelight Workshop RPG experience in the September issue of No Quarter, so make sure you don’t miss that!

You’ll be able to order Wicked Ways on 6/28/2017 if you aren’t able to get it in your local game store. If you prefer to read digitally, you’ll be able to do that too.

The truth is out there. Unfortunately, so are a pair of Cage Ragers and their Warcaster.

  • Matthew Pomeroy

    This I am waiting for, I love Malifaux and think these guys will do great “triple duty” in IKRPG, Malifaux RPG, and warmahordes.