Neon Cityscapes Need Future Cars – New Infinity Vehicles

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Spice up your cities of the future with these amazing cars, manufactured for Infinity, but suitable for any 28(ish)mm scale game.

That’s right. There’s some beautiful terrain out there for Infinity–you may have seen some of the neon-filled cityscapes that evoke the Blade Runner feel of the setting, complete with little transparent plastic vending machines and neon signs. But… what good is the cityscape if it’s empty? Take some time to recreate some fights in the city, showcase those spec-op forces as missions go wrong on the crowded streets. As police forces try and intervene–or even just create some really cool dioramas. Either way, it got easier to add to the ambiance with these new vehicle boxed sets from .

via Antenocitis Workshop Ltd.

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City Car Bundle:  £20.00 inc Vat £16.66p

Tiny Traffic Bundle: £20.00 inc VAT £16.66p

Taxi Bundle – £25.00 inc VAT, £20.84p

Commuter Bundle: £26.50p inc VAT, £20.08p

Mag-Lev Bundle 1 – £28.00 inc VAT,  £23.33p

Sports Car Bundle: £30.00 inc VAT, £25.00

Nemesis Police Car Bundle: £30.00 inc VAT, £25.00

Mag-Lev Bundle 2 – £55.00 inc VAT, £45.83

You can find all of the Box-sets here.

These minis are incredible. Each of these vehicles is cast in resin, and comes with all the detail  you can see in the pictures. They’re unpainted, too, so you can customize them (though you can find all manner of supplies like transfers and stuff on their website).

At any rate, it’s amazing how much story you can get across in these models. You have the super cool sports cars, but also mixed in are the cheap commuter cars, the unstylish (but still futuristic) cars that are basically bubbles on wheels that most of us will probably be driving in ten years anyway. Definitely check these out–they’d feel at home in any even vaguely sci-fi/cyberpunk game. I want to pick these up to use for my next Shadowrun game, for instance.

It’s too bad these don’t actually drive…but then again…who does?

  • MelonNeko


  • af

    Some of those look pretty cool! I especially like the city cars.

    Not about to start collecting yet another line of minis — not until I finish my current projects, anyway — but is Infinity any good? Does anyone know how it compares with other games and what its strong points are?

    • Antipodean

      Infinity is great.

      The core rules look complex but there is no spread of complicated rules throughout army books so once you know the core rules you know everything.

      With reaction orders you are always moving, reacting and involved, not just sitting around hoping you can make saves.

      Every soldier is dangerous, even a ‘grunt’ with a rifle.

      Very few re rolls in the game, can’t list hammer to win.

  • acme2468

    If you like Small Scale Squad level skirmish, You might like Infinity. Good: Just a hand full of models all you need, Rules are fantastically tight compared to GW, Plays reasonably quickly.
    Bad : just a handful of models. needs lots of Terrain, designed for a dense Cityscape type board.

    • af

      Sounds good to me! Especially if I can scratch build futuristic cyberpunk cityscapes. Ok, a potentially infinite project to add to my list of half-finished projects… oh well.