GW: Duncan Gets A Buddy

Games Workshop Painting Rockstar Duncan Rhodes gets a new buddy to help with the Hobby side of things!

Duncan “Two Thin Coats” Rhodes is getting some back-up from the Hobby team at GW. Meet Chris “Peachy” Peach!

via Warhammer Community

You may recognise Chris from some of his awesome armies; from his Ventrillan Dragoons, to his forces of Hallowguild, to his stunning Daughters of Khaine army. Chris has been a fixture of the hobby team for years, even teaching Duncan himself “everything he knows” (as Chris would have it).

If you’d like to see Chris in action you can check out his first tutorial video about painting Tyranid Warriors right here:

Oh and just for fun…Check out Chris’ “Peachy-Tips” for the new Paint handle as well:

I’m glad to see the folks behind these videos are having a good time making them.


Welcome to the party Chris!

  • GrenAcid

    Duncan “Two Thin Coats” Rhodes.
    I almost died of laughter when I saw that vid on Ytube.
    Good to see that GW is growing some sense of humor, return of sillyhammer when?

  • zeno666

    Citadel painting handle?

    Buy the “original” instead,320_.jpg

    • Paul Wesley Pratt

      The paint handle is only 1/3rd more than a package of this at the local office store. Both work, but the handle thing isn’t outrageously priced.

      • zeno666

        For what it is, I’d say it is quite overpriced, like all all GW’s hardware.
        Also I paint in batches of 5-10 minis. Some old paint bottles and a package of blue tack last for years.

        • Paul Wesley Pratt

          I agree with everything you are saying. What do you believe would be a fair price for that handle?

          • zeno666

            Half the price would be good.

  • Rafał Pytlak

    So how many layers does the new guy prefer?

  • Rotten Deadite

    Dear God, he’s left handed. I don’t know what to do with this.

    • euansmith

      Certainly a sinister development.

      • AEZ


      • Vicent Martín Bonet

        One could say it’s a… malign portent.

  • euansmith

    Didn’t there used to be a woman doing the painting tutorials too?

    • Tshiva keln

      Yeah, she left the company. Saw some of her stuff more recently on a random website.

      • AEZ

        Left: metoo?