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Get your new releases at a discount thanks to Privateer Press’ Holiday Sale.

That’s right folks. This weekend is a holiday spectacular–or, at the very least, a sale. I mean, I don’t think any of the famous people from the Iron Kingdoms are off on a journey to learn the true meaning of Christmas, or to keep their menorah burning for eight days, or to rail against the commercialization of the holidays–or even to find some kind of missing holiday traditions for thirty seven hours.

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Grab gifts over at and be rewarded for your generosity! $10 off purchases $60-$99! – $20 off purchases $100-$139! – $30 off purchases $140+!

Lieutenant Crosse Resistance Fighter – $14.99

Under the mentorship of Marshal Ashlynn d’Elyse, Gastone Crosse has begun to reach his potential and fights alongside the other determined warriors of the Llaelese Resistance. Yet he struggles to control the weapon that first unlocked his warcaster ability. A survivor with a proven knack for battlefield improvisation, few who fight alongside him know of the darkness weighing on his conscience, as the soul of every foe he kills is consumed to strengthen him.

Ice Witches – $24.99

Sorcery has long been a valued talent among the Nyss, now doubly so among the Legion of Everblight. Before the coming of the dragon, the Ice Witches were the brutal sorceresses of isolated and feral shards of the deep mountains who now use the blight to augment their power. They are among the Nyss most eager for battle, reveling in unleashing their powers.

Farrow Valkyries – $27.99

Determined, steadfast, and loyal, the farrow Valkyries make up the honor guard of the independent farrow warlock Helga the Conqueror. With hammer and cannon they beat back the Conqueror’s enemies, and with their shields and flesh they protect her from harm. When it serves Helga’s purposes, she has also been known to loan these prized warriors to her allies.

Primus Jalaam – $17.99

The northern reaches of the Skorne Empire are a wild untamed place where beasts like the hydra and mammoth roam—only the fiercest of skorne prosper here. Among them is Primus Jalaam, one of the greatest hunters of his people, a cunning warlock who feels no shame killing his enemies at a distance. He is as effective stalking intelligent prey as are the beasts of his homeland.

Wold Wight – $11.99

The Wold Wight is a fiercely aggressive construct fabricated amid older rituals of the Circle Orboros; it is an entity that hungers to destroy. While its blazing lanterns are fearsome weapons, their true purpose is to set the wight ablaze. While afire, the wight closes with an enemy to devour it in a sacrificial pyre that consumes everything but the wight’s stone heart, which can be salvaged.

Dire Troll Brawler – $34.99

Dire Troll Brawlers go to battle wielding oversized flails made from stout iron chain and scavenged scrap metal. Bellowing primitive war cries, brawlers hurl themselves at any opponent, swinging these chains in sweeping, unpredictable arcs. What these trolls lack in intelligence they compensate for with raw delight in brutal combat and laying their opponents low.

Eminent Configurator Orion – $19.99

The vast energies controlled by the Convergence of Cyriss are focused and harnessed by machinery tuned to the alignment of the stars and other celestial bodies, an art perfected by Eminent Configurator Orion. He cares little for the lives of lesser beings. Directing potent blasts of geomantic energy to scythe through his enemies, Orion can calculate an array of trajectories using higher mathematics in fractions of a second.

Siren – $22.99

House Vyre was once noted for its sinister weapons of war, and the Siren harkens back to those morally dubious inventions. Capable of mystically seizing control of those it slays to turn them against their former allies, the Siren makes use of terrifying technology. Only the dire nature of the Retribution’s cause justifies its use, employed only against those who would harm the gods.

Harpy – $22.99

Representing an expansion of House Vyre’s myrmidon production in support of the Retribution of Scyrah, the Harpy is a formidable machine that generates deadly blasts of wind designed to hurl adversaries back, if they are not immediately torn apart. It is a sleek engine of death favored by the more tactically minded warcasters of Ios.

Agrimony, Crone of the Dying Strands – $13.99

The terrifying and ghostly witch Agrimony, more often whispered of as the Crone of the Dying Strands, is herself enslaved to Captain Rengrave, the first citizen of Cryx. She is nearly as old as her master, once having ruled her own island and standing apart from the pirate kings of old, who feared her curses.

Kapitan Sofya Skirova – $14.99

Kapitan Sofya Skirova has earned a place of prestige among the officers of the Black Dragons, the elite of the elite, veteran Iron Fangs who have vowed never to retire from active duty. She ably demonstrates why their emblem is feared, intercepting blows intended for her soldiers while refusing death itself so long as her brothers and sisters in arms are threatened.

Champion of the Order of the Wall – $39.99

Champions of the Order of the Wall inspire their fellow paladins to push past their limits even as they ride down enemies of the faith. Hails of gunfire rebound harmlessly off the heavy shields of these master horsemen as they charge across the field, utterly decimating anything unlucky enough to be caught on the wrong end of their blazing lances.

Lieutenant Bastian Falk – $11.99

A battle-hardened gun mage of the Order of the Arcane Tempest, Lieutenant Bastian Falk takes on special assignments in support of the Cygnaran Army. He has mastered several unique tactics over the years and is particularly notable for the rare ability to use his gun mage powers through a scattergun, allowing him to unleash a devastating barrage to tear through enemy ranks.

  • Timotheus

    GW fanboy here but I really don’t get how you could be into miniatures like these…

    • Jay DeJarnett

      PP Fan boy here, but I really don’t get how you could wonder in to complain about miniatures for a game you don’t play.

      • Timotheus

        True that. Was really just wondering, no offenes….

        • Jay DeJarnett

          I like their designs and the whole steampunk and black powder feel. They have problems and are static compared to GW hard plastic models. I returned to 40K with 8th edition and found that GW models weren’t as awesome as I remembered. I think Corvis Bell got some of the best models.

          • marxlives

            Just like every game out there some models are great looking and some are not so great. This goes for GW games as well. I am not a big fan of the Village People fire dwarves but someone is. I think the most important thing is that the product has its own aesthetic. If the aesthetic is just copying another game it is not very interesting to me.

        • Matthew Pomeroy

          best answer I can give you is, the aesthetic. I can see why you may not like them if you prefer a AoS style aesthetic as they are completely different. Model quality whether a fan of the look or not is very high. Add in the fluff behind the setting (which is rpg, wargame, boardgame, and skirmish now for minis) and its hard not to like them. they look like they are supposed to look. I vastly prefer the bases used by PP and Wyrd over the ones used by GW. when i compare my Black Templars to my convergence force, I see no difference in actual quality, its all just subjective preference. I personally think most of the new GW models look like utter garbage (they are not, but thats how i see them) especially primaris (which will never be part of my templar force)) I prefer the look and feel of the older mark armors as opposed to the new york giants look of primaris.

          • Daniel Stone

            yeah it really sucks they way they finally made space marined the size they should be after 30 years of people asking for it. gw are real a-holes.

          • Matthew Pomeroy

            well obviously not everyone, but thanks for the snide remark

          • marxlives

            I really didn’t have a problem with the SM scale, I just had an issue with every human in the 40k universe looking like a FAS victim. There really needs to be a no drinking while pregnant PSA in the 40th millennium.

      • marxlives

        Cause jumping into game threads to take pop at games they have never played is what GW fanboys do. Its said but I have ran into fanboys of Flames of War, Battletech, Malifaux, and Warmachine and GW ones are the only ones who take personal offense when someone doesn’t play there game. As a working class guy, its a mystery to me.

    • Daniel Stone

      I have to agree. I dont like the aesthetic of PP models in general but I will say that there are a couple here I like. I like the siren and the harpy model and the infinite regurgitator johnson. Those are the first warmachine models Ive ever seen that I liked.

    • cozmic0

      Unlike most people, My first love to miniatures gaming is from Warmachine and honestly I much prefer the aesthetics of PP model over GW. I guess ultimately it comes down to personal preference and taste

    • Drew

      I like some of GW’s minis, I like some of PP’s minis. I think it’s just personal preference. I don’t really care for the Death Guard range, for example, but some people love them. I really like PP’s Trollbloods range, but some people don’t. To each their own- you can have Mortarion, I can have the Glacier King, and we’ll both go home happy.

  • marxlives

    I want to see a Crosse novel.

  • petrow84

    Guess the retri jacks will go back into CID pretty soon. They’re just sooo good for their points.