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BL: Advent – Day 16 “A Place of Reflection”

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Dec 16 2017

We travel to Shadespire in today’s Audio Drama from Black Library!

If you’ve been waiting to get caught-up on your fill of Black Library back-stories and lore then now is the time of year to jump in. Running from December 1st until December 24th, Black Library will have something to read, listen to, or just check out for all things Games Workshop. You can grab them individually or pick up the whole thing as part of the Advent Calendar Subscription.

The Sons of Mallus are some of Sigmar’s finest. But even the fall prey to the twisted curse of Shadespire. Moribus, a mighty Stormcast Eternal Decimator, finds himself wandering the mirrored labyrinths in search of shardglass. But when he starts to doubt the voices of “out of sight” brethren, he begins to wonder if he can trust the rest of his senses…and even reality itself!


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Advent 2017 – Day 16: A Place of Relfection

via Black Library

A Place of Relfection $3.99

A Warhammer Age of Sigmar audio drama

Moribus of the Sons of Mallus seeks a deadly foe in the labyrinths of Shadespire. But in a land of shattered glass and twisted reflections, can he trust what he sees – or even his own memories?


It’s a tale of loss, memory and identity that makes excellent use of the audio medium to create tension and drama as one Stormcast Eternal delves into his memories and begins to doubt everything he knows.

Moribus, Stormcast Eternals Decimator of the Sons of Mallus, wanders the glass labyrinths of Shadespire, alone. Somewhere out of sight, his brothers can be heard, and together they search for a dangerous creature, a malignant spirit that haunts this wasteland. This foe carries a cache of shardglass, which Sigmar hopes can cure the Stormcast Eternals of the degradations that come with their reforging. As Moribus remembers his many deaths to focus his mind, he begins to doubt his senses and reality – and danger beckons.

Written by David Guymer
Running time: 20 minutes. Performed by John Banks, Tim Bruce, Cliff Chapman, Steve Conlin, Melvyn Rawlinson and Andrew Wincott.


Black Library Advent Calendar 2017: The Subscription $59.85

Will Moribus find the end of his journey or will madness overtake him in the end?

Author: Adam Harrison
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