Codex Adeptus Custodes, New Codexes, & More!

TWO New codexes, 1 New 40K army, and TONS more shook up the tabletop world this weekend. Get in here!

GW: New Releases Jan 6th “Pricing & Links”

It’s Maggotkin and MORE from GW with this weeks Pre-orders!

40K: Custodes Details, Hired Guns, And More

A few more details come out from Warhammer World Open Day, including new Hired Guns.

X-Wing: TIE Silencer Unboxing

The TIE Silencer is a scary new ship in the Imperial Fleet – Get ready to see the Dark Side!

AoS: Death Battletome – Legions of Nagash Revealed

The Dead won’t remain silent for long – The Legions of Nagash Battletome is coming to Age of Sigmar!

Warhammer World Open Day – Odds & Ends

There were a few more things floating around Warhammer World that were revealed – come take a look!

40K: Thousands Sons Codex At Warhammer World Open

The Thousand Sons Codex was revealed at Warhammer World Open Day – The Sons of Magnus return!

D&D: Dice, Camera, Action with Chris Perkins

Come adventure with this week’s live play through of Tomb of Annihilation with special guest Matthew Lillard – Episode 75

Warhammer World Open Day – Custodes Announced

Put on your Golden Suits and get ready for the Emperor’s Guardians to return to the 40k Tabletop!

40K: Chaos Daemons Warp Bomb

The Denizens of the Warp are going to be able to cause LOTS of headaches with the new Chaos Daemons Codex!

~WOW – What a weekend and it is only January 8th!

  • eMtoN

    I’m sad to see that GW spent any time at all on a brand new army rather than devoting all of the creative energy on removing all finecast from the model range.

    • Savayan

      While I’m definitely not in the ‘muh xenos’ camp regarding the release schedule, I admit I am a little miffed that the Custodes get new jet bike lancers before the Shining Spears got updated. I’d have been able to live with even a finecast kit, so long as it used the new style of bike.

  • Melchior

    I’m a little weary of the “and now they have their own codex” BS for 1KSons, since they did have one in 7th…

    • karloss01

      It’s because they’re adding all the tzaangor stuff from AoS to their book so now they’ll have the shaman, enlightened and skyfires.