More Upgrades On The Horizon From Forge World

Forge World teases some more kits on the way at Warhammer World Open Day!

The team at Forge World has been cranking out upgrade kits for all the Space Marine Legions and that trend is continuing this year. At Warhammer World, they had a new batch on display for all your Imperial Fist fans out there:

via Warhammer Community

“…the Forge World team showed off some of their new Legion Vehicle Doors for the Imperial Fists. Forge World is currently hard at work updating every original founding Legion with a new set of doors, including those for the Deimos Pattern Rhino and (for loyalists), the Repulsor. If you’ve not seen doors for your Legion yet, worry not – chances are they’ll be out before long!”

That’s right – if you’re Legion doesn’t have upgrade doors yet, don’t fret – they are on the way!

Also, just to confirm what we learned over the weekend, the Space Wolves are indeed getting some new upgrades, too:

via Warhammer Community

“…the Grey Slayers Upgrade Pack allows you to build your Vlka Fenryka with a range of wargear, designed to represent the dizzying array of weapons available to these warrior warbands.”

All of these kits are welcomed additions to the model library from Forge World. We really liked the new runic shields – they have a lot of character and details mixed in. They would make excellent Storm Shield alternatives…just sayin!

And just in case you thought Forge World was sleeping on the job hobby-wise, this is the type of diorama they are working on for the new year:

Yes, that is the top half of a Warlord Titan. Half of me is crying/dying inside and the other half really wants to see what crazy stuff Forge World does with the rest of this table! I’d love to play on a table with the wreckage of a Warlord Titan…I just wouldn’t want to pay for the wreckage if you know what I mean.


What are you hoping to see, model-wise, from Forge World this year?

  • Solotaire Confinement

    First thing to buy if I win the loto…A titan Legion

  • Daniel Sims

    Anything on the Dorn model?

    • SilentPony

      Honestly I’d be very surprised if HH kept going the way it is. 8th is rolling hard right now, so HH might be regulated to a secondary game, like Necromunda or Blood Bowl.

      • Necromunda will have 4 gangs released this year as well as supplemental weapons kits for each gang, underhive scum, bounty hunters, hangers on, and 3 white dwarf gangs. So, HH getting that level of attention would be pretty decent lol

        • SilentPony

          Not really…Blood Bowl, Silver Tower and that other Sigmar skirmish game all got the same amount of support at their launch, and then just left on the shelf to gather dust.

          • They released a new BB team like a month ago dude, along with new WHQ adversary rules, a Supplemental mission for Hammerhal (which also came out last year) in the December WD, plus they’ve hinted at more WHQ missions to come, and Andy Hoare has already discussed the pipeline for year 2 of Munda, which will cover outlanders. I pretty much only play specialists games currently, the support has be a welcome change from past releases. Heck, they even put out GSC rules for space hulk in WD, so they’re even still supporting that still, which gave me a reason to paint my GSC and have them ready for their Necromunda rules

          • Josh Felstead


  • euansmith

    “Emperor, I have fallen, and I can not get up.”

  • Sparti67

    Even mighty Titans fall at the might of tiny legos lying on the ground.

    • Boondox

      LEGO. Always capitalized, never plural per the LEGO website. For future reference.

      • Josh Felstead

        He can talk about legos however he wants.

  • Boondox

    As a Crimson Fist player the IF stuff is always welcome however… We already have Rhino doors. What I would like to see is cataphractii and tartaros pauldrons with Legion insignia, a set of 5 cataphractii left handed thunder hammers to go with the 5 right handed IF storm shields (or at least a set with 5 of each), IF storm shields (and the matching thunder hammers) for tartaros terminators, and an IF Legion Praetor. That’s not much to ask is it?

    • kerouac50

      The Cataphractii thunder hammers certainly aren’t — so frustrating that they don’t do them already!

      • Boondox

        I’m curious why the IF storm shields are right handed in the first place. None of the other storm shields made by GW or FW are like that. Kinda ruins the uniformity thing for me…