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Eurazeo is Seeking a Buyer for Asmodee

  The French private equity firm has put a lot of capital into building Asmodee into a big player in the tabletop industry, and now it’s looking for a return on that investment – to the tune of $1.7 billion.

AoS: Daughters of Khaine – Money Talks

Are the Daughters of Khaine Dead on Arrival? It happened before but that was a long time ago…

GW Finance: Profits Up & Dividend Payout Ahead

Games Workshop is experiencing some good growth trends and it’s paying off for investors.

Marketwatch: GW’s 2017-18 Half-Year Financials

The Half-Year numbers are in and things are looking rosy for Games Workshop.

GW: Best Performing Stock on the London Market

Games Workshop’s half-year trading update is big news for a company that makes little (plastic) figures.

GW: “New” Attitude Pays Dividends

Games Workshop is proving that their new focus is really paying off in dividends – literally!

Tabletop Industry: The Top 5 Games Are…

After the fifth straight day of 100+ weather, spring is long dead. Here’s how your favorite games stacked up.

Finance: GW’s Chairman Steps Down

Tom Kirby, is stepping down as Games Workshop’s non-executive chairman. Here’s the details.

Games Workshop – 2016-17 Annual Financials

The CRAZY annual numbers are out.  Take a look at how GW did this past year. Fasten your seatbelts!

GW’s Feeling Good About Fiscal 2016-2017

We won’t see the full report for a few weeks but Nottingham is showing a little leg on their last year.

Financial: Asmodee Profits Soar in 2016

Asmodee, parent company of Asmodee NA and Fantasy Flight Games just blew the doors off the cash registers in 2016!

GW: New Retailer Online Carts & Discounts Coming

Games Workshop has some changes coming for their retail partners. Change is coming for the shopping experience!

What's New