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Blood Angels: 3rd Company and support elements

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May 21 2007

With the impending Blood Angel frenzy coming our way from GW, this is as good a time as any to take a look at my very first army. The Blood Angels.

This army was started the same day I picked my copy of Rogue Trader and my first 40k purchase ever: the RTB-1 boxed set of 30 beakies for $29.99. The first 3 tactical squads of the 3rd Battle Company, have been fighting in the name of the Emperor since 1988.

Over the editions, my interest in the army has waxed and waned, but they are never forgotten. In time (early in 3rd edition) I completed my long-standing goal of finishing out the entire battle company. The terminators come from the original metal boxed set from the early 1990s, along with some dudes thrown in from spacehulk.

All I can say it thank God, I picked the “red marines” from the color plates in the Rogue Trader book to collect. I could have chosen Rainbow Warriors…whew!!!

The army breaks down as follows:



Commander Dante

Cheif Librarian Mephiston

Sanguinary High Priest Corbulo


Commander (3) Foot, Jump pack, Terminator

Librarian (3) Foot, Jump pack, Terminator

Chaplain (2) Jump pack

Apothacaries (3) Foot, Jump pack, Bike

Techmarines (2) Foot w/Servo Arms

Third Battle Company:


Tactical Squad 1 (10, Missile Launcher, Flamer)


Tactical Squad 2 (10, Missile Launcher, Flamer)

Tactical Squad 3 (10, Missile Launcher, Melta)

Tactical Squad 4 (10, Missile Launcher, Melta)

Tactical Squad 5 (10, Heavy Bolter, Melta)

Tactical Squad 6 (10, Heavy Bolter, Melta)

Assault Squad 7 (10, Plasma Pistol x2, Jump Packs)

Assault Squad 8 (10, Plasma Pistol x2, Jump Packs)

Devastator Squad 9 (10, Plasma Cannon x4)

Devastator Squad 10 (10, Las-cannon x4)

Support Elements:

Death Company (17, Jump Packs)

Honor Guard (5, Plasma Pistol x3, Jump Packs)

Honor Guard (5, Flamer x2, Foot)

Terminator Squad 1 (5, Assault Cannon x2)

Terminator Squad 2 (5, Heavy Flamer, Cyclone)

Terminator Squad 3 (5, Terminator Assault Squad)

Scouts (6, Heavy Bolter)

Bike Squadron (4, Attack Bike x1)


Dreadnought (3)

Baal Predator (2, Heavy Bolter Sponsons)

Land Raider (1)

Land Speeder (2, Multi-melta)

Whirlwind (1)

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