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Battle Foam | Protecting Your Army

Jan 1 2008

Battle Foam – Custom Cut Foam Trays and Carrying Cases

Our mission at Battle Foam is to create high quality products for the miniature war gaming industry. We pride ourselves in creating exceptionally efficient products that are centered on your needs and satisfaction. We constantly research the miniature gaming industry to be on the cutting edge of design and production.

Battle Foam produces the P. A. C. K. (Personal Army Combat Kit) system of cases. This system not only provides durability, but also allows for modular growth which keeps you from outgrowing your carrying bag. The true backbone of Battle Foam is our revolutionary patented cutting system. This patented cutting system gives you the opportunity to truly order any size, shape, or style of foam tray directly tailored to your specific army needs. Lastly, Battle Foam stands out above the rest because of our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

We are pleased to extend a special offer exclusively to BoLS Readers. Just enter the coupon code in the online shopping cart at checkout, or call up Battlefoam at 1(877)336-3626 to get exclusive rewards for being a Bell Of Lost Souls reader!. (limit one use per customer)

VALUE: 10% off any order over $200.00! (limit one use per customer)

Battle Foam – Protecting Your Army
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