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Current Project: Lamenters Space Marines pt. IV

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Apr 17 2009
My Captain got a little wargear switch. His inability to survive long rounds of combat made this new addition necessary, so a Storm Shield was in. I’m also in the midst of adding a Relic Blade and Storm Shield Captain, plus maybe a Terminator Chaplain to go with my Assault Terminators.
My ‘Capture and Control’ Objective. I use infantry based objectives for the multi-objective games, but I like busting out the big objective for that one. The new Space Marine casualty models are so cool I couldn’t resist, plus I got it in a trade. Adding some flavor to your army through cool objectives is always a plus.

My Thunderfire Cannon with Techmarine Gunner. This model was alot of fun to put together and paint, plus he has been pretty damn good in games too! I had a really fun game last night against Chaos Daemons. The Cannon got 19 wounds on a Horror unit, but they were next to Fateweaver and passed 18 of 19 saves (wow).

~So these guys will be seeing a lot of face time in the upcoming Badab War Campaign book. Speaking of which, I just handed off the final versions of the Special Characters and Special Units to bigred last night, so he can nice them up into PDF form. I also hear he is up to his ears writing all the back story right now (I don’t like the look of that Hamadrya)….~

  • Current Project: Lamenters Space Marines