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40K TACTICA: Daemons of Khorne

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May 30 2009


So as requested here is the Khornate aspect of our Tactica of Chaos Demon forces. I have played quite a bit with pure Khorne demons since the Codex has come out, and used pretty much all of their options. First I’ll go over some ‘big picture’ tactics then I’ll go over the individual units.

Now most of these are important for all armies but they are especially important in all Khorne demon armies.

1. Scoring units are very important. With how killy Khorne units are you can usually just rely on trying to wipe out your opponent for the win. However, the Bloodletter is simply the most efficient Khorne choice in the Codex, thus throwing down a lot of them is not a bad idea. Personally, I take sixty, in the form of four fifteen man units.

2. Pick your targets. Khorne units have no form of grenades, thus are at a real disadvantage against untis in cover. This means luring your opponents modesl out of the cover, even if it’s just one model. Maybe Deep Striking your unit just out of rapid fire range, to urge them to take that step. Or just use big beasties like Bloodthirsters or Soul Grinders who don’t care about their opponents attacks. Part of picking your targets is deciding when to spread your force and when to focus it. How will you best set up your next turn assaults? These are all questions you should ask yourself.

3. Force your opponent to make hard decisions. Don’t give an obvious choice of targets. Does your opponent want to rapid fire his bolters at your Bloodletters or shoot his meltagun at your Sould Grinder? Neither end with a pleasant end. Use terrain and your Deep Striking to limit the number of enemy units that shoot each of your units. The key to Khorne demons is to make your assaults flow into new assaults.

Time to break down the units.

Skarbrand- I personally love him. A lot of people think he is too many points for something that gives your opponent such a huge advantage. My view point is that there aren’t many things better in combat than Khorne units, so I’m getting the better end of the buff (though a nasty Wyche-based DE army has shown me otherwise before). If you are taking a Blood thirster there isn’t much reason not to take him.


Bloodthirster- I dislike having to pay to make this guy S 8, however his wings make him somewhat more mobile than Skarbrand. Personally I take both. The Bloodthirster is the second toughest GD behind the Great Unclean One. The fact that he has a 3+ save means he very resilient against small arms fire. There are many things that I wouldn’t charge with him. I mainly utilize him for anti-armour duties.

Skulltaker- Amazing against independent characters and multi-wound units. The fact that he only has two wounds can be mitigated by giving him a chariot, but that doesn’t mean you can make him any faster.

Khorne Heralds- For weaknesses see Skulltaker. Also not as good as Skulltaker.

Bloodcrushers- Amazing unit. Higher S and T than a Bloodletter with a 3+ save as the cherry on top. Watch out for getting caught up with enemy Walkers, don’t count on Fury to get you out of that spot. If you don’t take alot of these the enemy may be able to effectively avoid them.

Bloodletters- The best point to kill ratio in the whole book in my opinion. Three S5 I5 power weapon attacks on the charge is nother to sneeze at from a 16 point model. In large units (12 or more) they can survive a good round of shooting while still having enough ‘oomph’ to make some noise in close combat, so it’s usually a good idea. There are almost no infantry units in the game that survive a charge by these guys.

Fast Attack
Furies- I don’t take them. Generally considered a bad unit. That said I could see them finding a spot for themsleves by using their flight to catch units and hold them so that the big red guys can get to them.


Heavy Support
Soul Grinders- Big awesome killy fire magnets. Armour 13 front and side plus ignoring shaken and stunned means these guys take a lot of punishment. Having a maw cannon here is also the only form of shooting in the army (I don’t count throwing the plasma skull). Personally I prefer phlegm, as the one thing this army has problems with it’s too many enemy infantry. I feel tounge is unecessary, as the Grinder is already so good at killing vehicles in combat and is fleet.

Demon Princes- Well there are basicallly two main ways to go for these guys, and that’s cheap or expensive. I either go no upgrades, as they’re a pretty good buy just with base options. Or I get wings, armour, strength, the whole shebang. It really just depends on your taste. I prefer the cheap ones just as a way to spam more Monstrous Creatues into the board.

Well that’s it. How many other pure Khorne players are there out there? Anyone found any super bad ass combo they like a lot?

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