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40k/WFB RUMORS: 2010 Schedule Fragments

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Nov 16 2009
Warhammer 40K

Lots of crazy talk on various forums this weekend. Here is a rundown of what the community hivemind is trying to piece together from the intermittant chatter out there:

January: Tyranids
February: Beastmen
March-May: Blood Angels
June-July: Fantasy 8th Edition Rulebook
September: Fantasy 8th Edition Boxed Set
Fall: 40K mystery codex: ~hints regarding it are:
-“Blood Angels are only half of the story”
-“fleet based marines”
-“very nice stuff winging its way in our direction”

There is talk of 3 codices in 2010 for 40k
General dispositions of various 40k armies awaiting new codices are described as:
-Necrons: Deep in the development cycle
-Dark Eldar: Deep in the development cycle
-Grey Knights: Work started
-Witchhunters: Work Started

On the Fantasy front, Tomb Kings and Orks&Goblins are getting a certain level of chatter out there.

~Now as with all of this rumor stuff, serious caveats apply and there is quite possibly another 1-2 armybooks/codices in there for 2010. This stuff starts off solid and goes to soft as the dates go out. On the Necron/Dark Eldar front, the Necrons are obviously an easier update that the Eldar who are reportedly recieving a complete top-to-bottom update of their range. BoLS Lounge thread on this topic here.

Author: Larry Vela
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