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Goatboy – New Bugs and How I Made Them

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Jan 9 2010

Goatboy here again with a Tyranid conversion and painting post – Tervigon Edition!

After reviewing the list of monsters you have in the new codex, I immediately went to the Tervigon. You have a Toughness 6 monster with the ability to be a troop choice as well as create more scoring units by its ability to generate more and more little dudes. You add in the psychic power giving Feel No Pain to a squad and you have what I call a “winner” unit. So I decided to make one.

Now we all know how the Carnifex has had a tad of a drop in ability in this new codex. Plus we all know how most Tyranid players had about 6 of them in their old armies. This means that most likely, if you are a bug player you probably have a few extra big bugs that either need to be decommissioned or somehow mutated into something new and useful. So that is where I came in and how I made my own Tervigon out of a sad Carnifex.

Here are some pictures of my own guy. In the book, the Tervigon is shown as to have kinda spike legs that it walks on. So I took 4 Scything Talons and inverted them to become spider legs. I added a pair of Warrior Scything Talons too, just to give the model a more aggressive look. From there, I took a bunch of the extra armor spikes you get if you built any kind of nidzilla list. From there, I added a barbed strangler arm to give a sense of where the Tervigon might get the ability to shoot something out of its mouth, head, etc. I then took some of the extra armor plates from the genestealer kits and created little birthing areas. I went with Ripper heads as they kinda look like termagaunts and it gives the idea that they somehow have a speeded up process for creation as they pop out of the big bug. I covered the leg holes with green stuff and used one of the extra Hive Tyrant heads I had to make it look different from a normal Carnifex. It also gives it the feeling that it is a synapse monster as well as some kind of leader unit.

I painted him to match my upcoming Tyranid army and decided to add some streaks of yellow to break up the green a bit. I think it gives it a nice bit of spot color and helps break apart the monotony of green on a big model. Will see how my Trygons look in this style too. You should be able to make one out of a Carnifex kit as you get enough Scything Talons in the box. I think the New Trygon/Mawloc kit will also give you enough “legs” to create some pretty sweet looking Tervigons.

Hope this helps you have a chance to reuse some of your big bugs that you might have lying around when you try to reinvent your own Tyranid army. As usual, shoot me an email if you have any questions to [email protected].


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