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40K: Which way do we go? Inquisitional Allies Choice

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Mar 27 2010

Here’s an interesting debate, which Inquisitor ally do you take?  It seems like more and more players take an Inquisitor ally with Mystics to protect against deep strike threats like Daemons, Drop Marines, and shortly Decent of Angels. Now we’re all adding in a Psychic Hood for threats like Tyranids, Space Wolves, Eldar, and quite possibly the new Blood Angel powers as well.

With all that being said, what version of the Inquisitor should u take? Do you burn the HQ choice and take the Inquisitor Lord for the LD 10 Psychic hood? Taken with 2 Mystics and the lowest henchmen it’s like 100 points.  Or do you take the Elite Inquisitor with the LD 9 Hood, and 2 mystics for around 40 points? Is the +1 LD stat worth 15+  points?

Lets compare the two choices.  Deafhobbit did some math for me on a recent BolS post.

You have 36 potential combination on 2d6, with ld 10 vs ld 10, and are trying to roll higher than your opponent.

So, what we’ll do is figure out if your opponent rolls n, with n equal to 1 – 6, what do you need to roll to beat him. Total up the number of possible results where you win and put it over 36 (the total number of possible combination), and those are our odds.

If opponent rolls a 1, you need a 2+. 5 cases
If opponent rolls a 2, you need a 3+. 4 cases
If opponent rolls a 3, you need a 4+. 3 cases
If opponent rolls a 4, you need a 5+. 2 cases
If opponent rolls a 5, you need a 6+. 1 case
If opponent rolls a 6, you cant stop him.

5 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 1 = 15

15 / 36 = .41667 = 41.667 % For LD 10
9// 36 = .25 = 25% For LD 9 ( you can stop a roll of 5 or 6 by your opponent)

There may also be some real world factors such as the dice, the table etc., but this is the math on it.  You will negate that psychic power about 25% of the time for the LD 9 which is a big difference from the LD 10.  Against some armies like Eldar who HAVE to have x power, it’s still pretty crippling. 

So which Inquisitor will you take? 



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