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40K Conundrum: Descent of Angels Edition

Apr 9 2010

So we have a new codex, and a new contentious rules question.  Today lets talk about Descent of Angels and exactly how it applies in certain sticky conditions on the tabletop.

First of all some basics on the rule itself:

“…A Blood Angels unit with this special rule can re-roll failed reserve rolls if arriving by Deep Strike. Also due to the precision of their descent… “

Later in the Equipment section we learn under the JUMP PACK rules that:

“…a Blood Angels model with a jump pack has the Descent of Angels special rule…”

Now lets look at some units from the Army List:

Assault Squads possess the Descent of Angels rule in their unit entry. They come with jump packs but can remove them if desired.  They can then be loaded in deep striking Land Raiders (without packs) or deep striking Storm Ravens (with or without packs).

In the case of the Storm Raven, many ICs and units with Descent of Angels can be loaded onboard.

The big question is, does Descent of Angels affect the unit if they deepstrike while onboard a transport?

~Your reasoned argments are welcome for or against. The floor if your generals.


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