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EDITORIAL: What’s in a Setting?

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Apr 17 2010

So I have a question for all my fellow wargamers out there. Settings vs rules, and what is most appealing to you.  We’ve now been covering the “big 4” systems out there right now:

40K: Sci-fi
WFB: Classic fantasy
Warmachine/Hordes: Steampunk-fantasy
Flames of War: Historical

Ruleset-wise 40k, WFB, and Flames have broadly simlar rules constucts, with Warmachine being the most divergent in overall concept.  So I want to know what is more appealing you in general – rules vs settings, and how do you thing your culture affects your thinking on the matter.

This goes back to some of intersting trends we hear about all the time such as the deep level of traction of 40k/ Warmachine in the United States, and the strength of Fantasy in Europe.  I’ve heard conflicting stories of what systems play better in Japan, so if anyone has a handle on whats hot over there, lets hear it.

~Have it it guys.  Personally I’m a giant Star Trek nerd who grew up reading WW2 books, and has an minor in art history… so I’m pretty much sucked into all of it… help me 🙂


Author: Larry Vela
  • 40K TACTICS: Blood Angels - Troops