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LoTR NEWS: Battlehosts and New Miniatures

Apr 7 2010

New Advanced Orders are up for War of the Ring. Games Work just uploaded a bunch of new miniatures to support the new Battlehosts supplement for War of the Ring.


This 80-page Expansion book contains all of the rules, information and inspiration you need to bring the most iconic bands of warriors from The Lord of the Rings mythos to your tabletop. Also included are new Fortunes and Fates, as well as advice for using your battlehosts in other scenarios, linked games and famous encounters.

Knights of Dol Amroth
Morgul Knights
Ruins of Osgiliath
The Dwimmerlaik
Faramir, Captain of Ithilien
Blackroot Vale Archers, Command
Mauhur’s Marauder’s Command

~Its been pretty quiet on the War of the ring front for a bit, so its nice to see this system still alive and kicking.  Those first two sets of knights are pretty nice.

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