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EDITORIAL: I’ll Buy That For a Dollar!

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May 18 2010

We all love a good solid army.  We collect, assemble, paint, and play with our beloved toys.  But now and then we should take a step back and examine the hard cold numbers of where the market is at a particular moment.  Lets take a look at how far our hard earned dollars will get us on the tabletop:

Below we have assembled as set of “average” armies aranged in standard point sizes that are often played in both formal tournament events and pickup games.  We have broken these out by game system, and have presented a pair for each system, that represent horde style army builds along with smaller more elite armies with lower model counts; in both cases trying to avoid any highly unusual outliers in army composition. Lets get right to it:

Warhammer 40,000

Space Marine List: 2000pts
1x Space Marine Commander
3x Space Marine Tactical Sqaud
2x Rhino
1x Predator
1x Thunderfire
2x Drop Pod
1x Close Combat Terminator
1x Land Raider Redeemer
1x Land Speeder
1x Librarian Terminator
2x Assault Marine Box
1x Ironclad
MSRP: $623.50

Ork Horde List: 2000pts
1x Ghaz
6x Lootas Boxes
15x Boyz Boxes
1x Battlewagon
1x Big Mek
MSRP: $636.75

Warhammer Fantasy

Empire Gunline List: 2250pts
5 x Empire State Troops
1 x Empire Archers
1x Steam Tank
1 x Hellblaster
2 x Empire Handgunners/Crossbowmen
2 x Empire Great Cannon
1 x Empire Knightly Order
1 x General of the Empire
2 x Empire Battle Wizards
2 x Empire Pistoliers
MSRP: $476.25

High Elf List: 2250pts
1x High Elf Lord on Dragon
1x High Elf Mages
2x Chariot
2x Archers
3x Silver Helms
4x Repeater Bolt Throwers
MSRP: $386.75


Cygnar Tier4 Haley Army: 35pts
1 x Major Victoria Haley
1 x Trencher Unit Box
2 x Trenchers (2)
1 x Trencher Officer and Standard
1 x Captain Maxwell Finn
1 x Trencher Commandos Unit Box
1 x Cygnar Plastic Warjack Kit
1 x Stormclad Heavy jack
1 x Mechanik & Gobber
1 x Gobber Bodgers
MSRP: $227

Menoth Severius Jack Heavy Army: 35pts
3x Reckoners
1x Wracks
1x Hierophant
2x Vassals
1x Severius
1x Blessing of Vengence
MSRP: $229.91
Flames of War


US Rifle Company Army: 1750pts
1x P-40s Box
1x Rifle Company
1x Machine Gun Platoon
1x Weapons Platoon
1x 105 Artillery Battery
1x 155 Self Propelled Artillery Battery
1x Chemical Mortars Platoon
1x Sherman Platoon
MSRP: $306

German Panzerkompanie Army: 1750pts
4x Panzer IV Platoon
3x Quad 2cm AAA
MSRP: $233

~There are of course outliers in any system, but we think this give a fairly accurate state of the major game systems, cost wise at this time.  Note this is only cost of models, with no hobby supplies or rules included.  Food for thought, and at the end of the day only you can decide what truly constitutes quality or value. The floor is your my fellow readers.

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