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VOTING: Blood Angels BFG Challenge

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May 24 2010

It’s voting day!  Ok everybody, the entries are in, and its time to select the winner of the Blood Angels Painting Challenge sponsored by Battleforge Games!

Fisrt off, we got a large set of entries, and we have selected the best ten.  There were fortunately few unsalvagable photos, so you painters are getting better with your camerawork.  To everyone who entered, finalists or not… THANK YOU, you all are the best!

OK lets get down to business.  Below are the ten finalists.  The entrants chose between the Death Company, Sanguainary Gaurd, or Baal Predator kits.  Take a look below, and select the best entry.  The poll is down below the post in the left hand column for you to cast your vote. The lucky winner gets a set of Sanguanary Guard, Death Company, and Baal Predator courtesy of our Challenge sponsor Battleforge Games.  A final note, the entrant’s names are BELOW the pictures.

Alex Drake
Dan Biela
Danick Mailhot
Jay Dearden
John Laubersheimer
Karl Charba
Sebastian Jones
That Guy James
Tim Berry
Will Newberry

~I’d like to once again thank our sponsor BattleForgeGames for their prize support for this painting challenge.  They run a great online store and go the extra mile for their customers. You should definately give them a visit.  Tell them BoLS sent you.  Your comments and questions regarding the challenge are welcome.

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