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40K Hobby: The Iron Bevo

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Jun 22 2010

A model so potent it needs no introduction…

Yep, that’s a Longhorn Shadowsword, aka. the Iron Bevo.  I built, converted, and painted it for one of the local painting competitions.  It was one of the most fun models I’ve ever done.

The flag is made of plasticard and the horns are green stuff surrounding a piece of brass pin.

I used Army Painter Skeleton Bone Primer for the entire model save the tracks.  I used a base of Mecharius Orange and “burnt” it using mostly Devlan Mud wash.

Once I had the basic pattern for the orange over the beige, I washed the entire model in Devlan Mud to darken it and give it a gritty look.  I followed that up by dry-brushing with more of the custom orange as well as some different lighter beige colors.

I magnetized the entire model, or at least every piece that was exchangeable.  I built it to convert into each of the other types.

Of course, what’s an Iron Bevo without something to destroy!!!

I’m a huge fan of ALL of the superheavies in the 40k universe and I REALLY like Baneblade variants.   I was psyched when I found out they were releasing a plastic version.


~As everyone has probably guessed by now, I like doing theme models quite a bit and will take every chance I get to build and paint one.  There has to be some others out there that like it too!!!


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