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40k Hobby: Lamenters Freehand Step-By-Step

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Aug 23 2010

So at WargamesCon I saw Duke’s Blood Angels and they have some absolutely bad ass free hand work. I’ve done some before, but I have always been pretty conservative. So he inspired to push a little more at it.

I picked a nice symbol from the Blood Angel Codex (I think Moriars banner) and added a little Lamenters flavor in the form of the bleeding heart. My first step was to draw the design in pencil. Obviously I filled in the blank space with checkers.

Next I block in the pencil lines with Chaos Black and start to add a little colour to the picture with the red.

Once the black is all filled in I used Bleached Bone to make a base colour for the chalice.

Here I added some Dheneb Stone to the chalice as a highlight and used Blood Red to bring out the heart and blood drop.

In my final stage I used Bubonic Brown as a shade and cleaned up all the checkers with Skull white.

All in all, extremely simple, done in under an hour, and looks great on the battlefield, especially when you have a lot of it…


Author: Kris Lon
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