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Not smelling like butt… can you dig it?

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Oct 9 2010
Your parents taught it to you. You may have gotten talks from your gym teacher about it. Your significant other may have yelled at you about it. But, it seems some folks need a refresher.

I was hanging outside my FLGS this week and overheard a group of people commenting how the place smelled, and that they thought all gamers smell. Not all of us do, but some folks have a funk problem… and I’m not talking a Parliament-Funkadelic addiction. I’m talking body odor that can kill small children. We’ve all smelled it, some people are guilty of producing it. This post is to remind y’all how to not stink.
1. Care about not smelling like butt.
You need to. Not only for the noses of those around you, but for your overall health and well being.
2. Shower often.
Use soap and shampoo – both of which you can find at your local drug and grocery store. The stuff comes in various forms and scents. Buy some you like. 
Don’t just wash your armpits and call it a day. Wash everything – your hair, your facial hair, everything. If you have longer hair use some conditioner, too. It’ll prevent you from looking like you’re wearing a dead, scruffy animal on your head.
3. Use Deodorant.
This is also available at at all grocery and drug stores; and it also comes in different forms and scents. Buy some. Keep a spare stick/can in your car or brief case or army bag or whatever you carry your stuff around in. Re-apply as needed throughout the day, but don’t drown yourself in it. Reeking of body spray is just as bad as smelling like butt.
5. Wash your clothes.
I know how comfy jeans can get when you wear them over and over without washing them, but they stink. Stop it. Change your socks – unwashed ‘lucky’ clothing will not help your dice rolls, it just makes you smell bad. Don’t wear the same stuff every day until it can stand up on its own.
6. Double your efforts if it’s hot outside.
More sweat = more stink.
I don’t care if you’re a guy or a gal, big or little, young or old… you need to stay clean and not smell like butt. Help kill the stereotype that all gamers smell. Thank you for your assistance in this endeavor.

Are you up to the challenge of being clean?

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