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40k Hobby- Cheap & Easy Plastic Thunder Wolves Calvary

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Jan 31 2011

Recently a buddy of mine named Beef (hold the cheddar) let me in on a little conversion secret- Thunder Wolves for $1.50 each.

Of course this was of interest to me, so I wanted to see these models for myself.  When he brought them by I blown away, this wolf was a great model for a Thunder Wolf and plastic to boot.

I turned the figure over to checkout the bottom of the base, and it was a Dungeons and Dragons figure!!!  It’s called a Rime Hound and it is from the Lords of Madness Expansion.  I looked at Beef and told him that this wouldn’t be much of a secret anymore!

With a little work you can make a saddle for this puppy so your Space Wolf models can ride into battle with some Imperial credits left in their pockets. Here Beef use some “Grey-Stuff” to make the saddle, and a equipment pack for the back of the wolfie.

He also expanded out some rider legs so they would fit over the added girth of the model.  These aren’t the same width as Space Marine Bike after all.  As you can see the Rime Hound makes a most excellent base for a Thunder Wolf!

The only real problem with this model is that you probably need more than one, but there is only a single pose available. However since it’s plastic you can just cut it up and re-position it like so.  Then just clean up the seams with a little Green Stuff fur!

Converting on a budget, with awesome results. I love it! 

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