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Goatboy – Planning the Invasion of Britain

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Mar 22 2011

Goatboy here again talking about my upcoming trip overseas to the wonderful country – Britain. That’s right the internet darling/punching bag Goatboy is headed overseas for the awesome Geeking out with Miniatures in the UK with Geek Nation Tours. Today I wanted to talk about what the plan is with the tour and some of the things I can’t wait to see and do.

The plan is to fly out of Toronto so I will be barely touching my hooves on the lands of “a’s” and awesome beer. I am not sure on my plans of either flying in early so I don’t know if I will get a chance to see anything local. I am tempted to try because my kick ass Wife is coming along and it would be neat to see a bit of Toronto. The cool thing is that Teras at Geek Nation Tours also takes care of any non-geek spouses that are coming along. If you want to bring along your squeeze but think she/he will be as board as spit hanging when we “geek-out” – Teras arranges loads of stuff for them to do to…We geek out and they are happy too. Check out the Parallel Universes section of the GNT site –”

From there we fly across the ocean and try to dodge sea monster and land in London. Obviously the first day is get all the lag out of our system so most likely I will be trying to chill out and hopefully get a chance to talk to everyone and get some interviews done. I also plan on having a beer or two. Maybe three. There is going to be a great welcome dinner too so that will be exciting.

Day 3 it is time to start the tour. The plan is to go the HMS Belfast and then the Tower of London. These are things I have always wanted to see and its exciting to get a chance to immerse myself in some history. My wife is excited about seeing the Tower of London and this is her first time going out of the country. There will be an attack on some “fish and chips” as well and most likely some beer raids. I hear the Crown Jewels are unreal.

Day 4 we are planning on hitting another museum – the Imperial War Museum. Oh I love me some tanks. I know I am all about the future war but it is great to see some of the designs and overall look I can try and incorporate in my own painting and model building. I just love getting the chance to see such cool things with a group of people that are interested in it too. I know you are asking where the gaming is but really this tour is much more then just gaming, it is a trip that bridges those interests and gives you some cool history that can be more exciting to non gamers too.

Day 5 is time we invade a castle, Warwick Castle that is. I have family in Belgium so I have visited there a few times as a child and I always loved checking out the castles. It is going to be neat to see them now as I have obviously grown a bit (both height and belly) so I will get different views of them instead of my 7 year old memory. I know the threat of a dungeon stay is there so I will try to go to the bathroom before I get in there and not leave any kind of goat mess.

Day 6 – GAMES DAY BIRMINGHAM! Need I say anymore. I know Teras is all about accommodating people so most likely my wife will be off doing something more interesting then plastic miniatures. This is the great thing about this tour as it is just more then a week of overseas miniature gaming, it is a actual true tour that plans on moving your around and showing you things.

Day 7 – Malestrom Games “UK VS. the World” tournament is going on that day so expect me to bring something 40k along to hopefully not lose to bad with. Who knows what mad feverish thing I will bring up as I am currently working on some new things that might make it overseas in my Battlefoam bag. I have wanted to visit this place and can’t wait to see the tables and the local players there. I have been asked for some games and I plan on obliging. I will bring up some “Goatboy” stuff to give to those that defeat me in honorable battle. So that probably means I need to bring a lot hah.

Day 8 – We have some options where we can go to other game companies (Warlord Games and Mantic Games) as well as get some time to visit some castles and other things. I know I want to look at Mantic and chat up with some of those guys. Hopefully I will meet them a bit more at Adepticon and we can have a great time (BEER!).


Day 9 – Warhammer World. I have wanted to go here so bad. I want to see the cool minis, the new designs, the tables, and visit Bugman’s bar. Hopefully I can get a game or two and have a blast throwing dice. Plus I want to buy some miniatures too.

Day 10 – The final free day and one that will be a nice, hang out with the wife in Britain day most likely. This will be the end of a whirlwind event and give me a chance to bring all the stories together into an awesome end piece. Hopefully I can get some good curry and some good beer today too.

Day 11 – With tears in my eyes I will be heading back over seas to my home. I can take all the well wishes from fans overseas (or the hates for Darkwynn) and bring back a nice new perspective on the game as well.

So there is the basic breakdown of the tour. I don’t know about you but it just sounds awesome as I type it out. The best thing of a tour is that you are not wondering what you are going to do. Teras has everything planned and we are just going along to have a blast of a time. I just like not having to figure out all the transfers, buses, and hotels as we get a good chance to see a lot of Britain. From all the interviews I have done I just know I will be having a ball kicking it in Britain.

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