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HORDES: “Morghoul’s Zoo of Pain” List Discussion

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Mar 26 2011

Let’s pack the car and take the kid’s to the Zoo of Unrelenting Pain and Horror!

Mr. Black here, dear readers, and first I’d like to say this entire list is stolen from another source.

Well, “stolen” is a harsh word. I absolutely want to give credit for this list to it’ creator, since they basically made the list I wanted to play when I picked up Skorne as a supplemental army to my Cryx. I found this list from a link from a link from a link taking me in loops around the Privateer Press forums, and since then am just unable to locate the original post, poster, or anything linking me to such. Given that, if this list looks familiar to anyone, and I’m sure it will, please point me in the right direction so that due credit can be given!

That being said, let’s look at the actual list:

**We’re going big this week with 50 points, as it displays the lists best efficiency level!

Morghoul’s Zoo of Pain

Master Tormentor Morghoul

Basalisk Drake
Basalisk Krea
Cyclops Brute
Cyclops Savage
Cyclops Shaman
Razor Worm

Molik Karn
Titan Gladitor 

Paingiver Beast Handlers (Min)
Paingiver Beast Handlers (Min)


50(+7) / 50(+7) 

So if you haven’t gathered you’re running quite a few beasts. Now, the obvious question is simply can you manage that much fury?! Well that would be the purpose of both Morghoul and the Beast Handlers themselves, pulling fury off once the beast has done it’s damage. Of course this won’t handle everything on those crunch-turns, so playing the odds with Frenzy roles (or just plain not caring in some cases) are essential to make this list work. It’s a blast to play and a great change for someone like me who’s other army is massed infantry (CRYX!!), and painting it is great as you avoid the monotony of painting unit after unit after unit.

The basics down (easy, weren’t they?), let’s take a look at each unit and it’s purpose in the army:

Morghoul– Being the ringleader of this whole show he goes nicely with the Paingivers, able to help in the Fury management along with them. Doesn’t hurt that he also has the most Warbeast Points available.

Basalisk Drake– We have precious few ways of dealing with massed infantry with this list, aside from the basic Trample! and sneaky maneuvers, so a nice POW Spray template goes a long way in helping us assist with that. Can’t really say much else here, that’s his sole purpose existing in life! Use him as he should and he will quickly become a high priority target for your opponent, which means it’s nice that you have…

Basalisk Krea- On her own, and even paired with the Drake she’s kinda “meh”, but hey, she’s cheap and easy to use (Don’t you dare make that joke!- Bigred). If she has any real purpose here it’s her animus, which, when played correctly, can really add the extra “oomphf!” in keeping your important players alive, such as Morghoul himself or the Basalisk Drake she will be accompanying. Added onto this she isn’t that bad in melee… Nothing special, but nothing bad either. Again, the important thing to remember is that everything in this force has it’s own unique role, whether it’s a killer, buffer, or meatshield!

Cyclops Brute– I love this model. I really do. But aesthetics aside, what purpose does he have? Well for one he hit’s like a truck in melee (well.. for a light beast anyway…), and that’s good as in it’s own, but really it’s his ability to keep Morghoul alive with his shield-blocking powers that makes him great to me. Not one of the guys you want to rush forth, keep him back to prepare for counter-charges or dealing with any bugger who gets too far down your flanks.


Cyclops Savage- Basic damage dealer, nothing special here, just a means of hurting your opponent.

Cyclops Shaman– No one ever sees this guy coming. Basically you have his Evil Eye, which helps in the fight against those Concealed/Incorporeal threats. More so, given the sheer amount of animi in the army he should have a field day casting anything you need him to, should the original beast need that Fury or just not be close enough.

Razor Worm– An off choice, I will admit, and also one that may not come into play in all your games. Basically on his own he’s a harassment model: striking out and killing something then running away to repeat it next turn. His true value comes in those games were you’re playing a heavy blast marker army. His animus, which basically makes you immune to such things, is a great asset and when it comes into play it will be a game changer. Just remember he’s small, he’s fragile, and he shouldn’t be seeing direct combat.

Molik Karn- He’s Molik Karn, type that name and “broken” into Google or the Privateer Press forum and you’ll have all the information you need on him.

Titan Gladiator- Arguably the best Heavy Warjack in the game the Gladiator is a fantastic addition to any Skorne army not only for his sheer hitting power and durability but his amazing Rush animus, which I’m sure you’ll be tossing around left and right to get those unexpected charges off.

Rhinodon- As I mentioned above with the Basalisk Drake, if this army has one glaring flaw it’s a lack of ability in dealing with troops; the Rhinodon helps that. Basically this guy is your infantry killer, he’s got  Thresher, he’s tough, and he tramples like nobody’s business… Only flaw is he’s just not up to par with a lot of other Heavy Warbeasts, so keep him to his role and don’t try to turn him into a superbeast and bite off more than he can chew- he loves cheap, massed infantry, keep him at that.

And there you have it, dear readers, the Morghoul’s Zoo list! I’ve been playing this list for some time and having a great time doing so. It’s dynamic, it’s unique, and you really have to think about each of your moves and options due to the fact that each creature in your roster serves it’s own unique role and position upon the battlefield. Learn to utilize their strengths correctly and back each other up to cover their weaknesses and you’ll have a truly terrifying force that can just crush your opponent!

~Any other all/mostly warbeast/warjack forces you can think of that works? Well all know Mortenebra loves her jacks, but let’s think outside the box on this one. What can you come up with?


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