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40K Deep Thought: Are Grey Knights the End of Foot Hordes?

Apr 7 2011

So this evening as I was glancing through my Grey Knights codex, I keep having this tingling on the back of my neck.  Its the sensation of all the T:3 foot armies going up in flames across the world…

This is really an open thread regarding the main foot lists out there such as:

-Foot Dark Eldar
-Foot IG
-Foot Orks
-Nid Hordes

Now generally a lot of these have been pretty viable in the meta, especially of late – offering a refreshing alternative to the mech hordes. But the Grey Knights are packing a lot of nasty 100% accurate personal teleporters, cheap transports and easily accessible S:6 templates.  I just can’t see how a lot of the horde armies out there stand a chance.

To me, its kinda sad, as I think the last thing the game needs is a new shiny army to push folks back into mech heavy lists.  I feel particulrly sorry for Tyranids who get to choose between the soon to be Instant Death-ed big bug lists (say hello to my Nemesis Force Weapon), or the soon to be BBQed horde lists.

~What do you think the future holds for the horde-foot lists with the arrival of the Grey Knights?

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