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Goatboy – Back with the Lists – CSM Superfriends!

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Apr 22 2011

We’ve got an GT coming up next month that is as close to local as we can get (San Antonio – Alamo 40k GT May 14th-15th) and BigRed is going to make it there for some games. I know amazing that he is going to play more then one game a week on a video. He wants to play CSM so I figured an easiest list with some of the more bad ass characters from the book is perfect for him. So without further ado – it is The Don and Friends of Doom who Want to Kick Butt all Over Your Face – Pt 2!!!

pic via thatguyjames

HQ: Abaddon
HQ: Kharn

The Black Parade of Bloody Death. I know it is a lot of points but playing the Don is a lot of fun. Roll that 6 and watch that grin spread across your face as you pour a crap ton of death onto the enemy. Kharn is fun, too – you always hit when you get him in the mix. Plus I bet there is a bit more Grey Knights at this event and I am sure he will love being immune to mind bullets.

Elites: Possessed X 7, Mark of Tzeentch

Extra wounds and friends Kharn can beat on when he gets down and starts to think deeply about stuff.

Troops: Plague Marines X 5, Meltagun X 2, Plague Champion, Power Fist, Rhino
Troops: Plague Marines X 5, Meltagun X 2, Plague Champion, Power Fist, Rhino
Troops: Plague Marines X 5, Plasma Gun X 2, Plague Champion, Power Fist, Rhino

These are the meat and potatoes of the army – simple, effective, and hopefully survivable enough as people try to deal with the CSM super friends Team of Black Parade of Blood.


Heavy: Obliterators X 3
Heavy: Obliterators X 3
Heavy: Land Raider, Demonic Possession, Dirge Caster

The Don needs a ride and so the Land Raider is added to the mix. Oblits are great jack of all trades and should help up the Melta count you need for a 2000 point tournament. The other thought would be to drop one Oblit squad for an Autocannon Havok squad as it gives you more varied anti tank fire power. It is something BigRed will have to think about as I think he has some laying around throughout his entire Death Guard army.

This list hits at 1997 points and it should be easy enough to play. There is beer at the event and if BigRed gets a few Shiners in him I am sure he will appreciate an easy to throw down with army of doom. Plus who doesn’t like playing the Super Friends of Chaos?

What do you think? Are there any changes you’d make?

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