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40K BATTLE REPORT: Horus Heresy: Sons of Horus vs Word Bearers

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May 25 2011

Hi everybody.

The BoLS video battlereports continue. This week we have the “Fall of Mars” scenario from our recent Horus Heresy event, battled out by stalwarts Bushido Red Panda and Real Genius. In this rendition, traitor has turned against traitor in a bloody last stand.

This battle turns out to just be a real massacre. I think Real Genius overplayed his hand way too early with the Drop Pod units, and made it worse by putting them in charge range of Abbadon and his unit. This meant he was severely undermanned, immediately, in a game that probably would best be won by attrition. Both armies long-range elements underperformed, with the Long Fangs and Obliterators each doing very little. The Juggernaut (Thunderwolf) Lord still almost managed to hold out despite his whole army being butchered.


~Comments are welcome guys! What did you think of the new features? You can expect many more battle reports and videos featuring all aspects of the hobby from your favorite writers, and more. Get on in there and let us know what you liked, wanted to see me improve, and of course Monday-morning quarterbacking is always great fun after a battle report.

Author: Kris Lon
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