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Dukes Lounge Recap 5-15-2011

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May 15 2011
“I don’t always do forums, but when I do, I prefer the Lounge,” 
Yes, it is that time of the week again; time to recap this weeks posts over on the Lounge.  We have a lot of awesome stuff to throw at you this week, so read on for the full recap. Sit back, grab a cold one and enjoy…

Just the Facts Ma’am
This week from the depths of the lounge, we have:
       – Lord Castellan giving us 40 signs that prove to our wives, mothers, friends and random people on the street that we aren’t as weird as they think we are…ok, yes we are. LINK
       – Eldargal finally admits that she is actually a succubus who hangs out with Troy McClure (you may know him from such shows as ….) LINK
       –  Dark Link laughs at household appliances. LINK
–       – Warspawned tries to convince the powers that be to release Warhammer Quest back into the production line…David, have you met Goliath? LINK
– –     – Lord Inquisitor beats the face in of Ultramarine LINK
        – olekkkkkkkkkk (I think thats enough “K’s”) paints a Space Hulk Model that makes you want to give up painting for good, because he is that much more epic than you. LINK
The Dirty Details Please
In the thread “you know you’re a 40k player when,” Lord Castellan gives us a brilliant though, obviously not exhaustive list, of 40 things that show you are a 40k-nut.  We all know these moments… Like that one time when a car almost hit you and you look over at your friends and say “wow, the Emperor protects!” while they stare blankly at you.  Or when your wife is asking you what color to paint a room and you reply, “maybe something like bleached bone.”  Good times!  Though I just added a few from my life I actually laughed out loud when I read Lord Castellans list…Particularly #’s 17,32, and 38 because I have done all of them.
Eldargal probably gave us the thread of the week by letting us into her dreams.  Throughout which she told us how in said dreams she bought a venom off of a factory showroom from Troy McClure of Simpsons fame only to then get killed (brutally) by a carnifex… Apparently she isn’t the only one who has had dreams about 40k… These people will now be meeting in the padded room to the left of the “bathroom,” sign every Thursday at 5 pm.  Seriously though, I wish I could have cool dreams about being an 8’ tall Super human bringing righteous deliverance to the enemies of man…Instead I have nightmares that stock tickers are eating my brain.  If only I could find some good putt-putt place down under ;)!
Darklink officially put the Leafblower list in its proper place.  When asked if Grey Knights stood any chance against Leafblower the Lounge Veteran and all around awesome guy confidently replied, “People who know what they’re doing stopped caring much about garden appliances a while ago…” Do I hear any challengers out there?!  Batrep!  I think that he has a point thought, the Leafblower list is great and can wreck face if you aren’t careful, but by now you should know how your army can counter it and play accordingly.   In fact, I think Mr. Black has a few ideas on how to consistently beat this army.
If any of you aren’t familiar with the fan-made-project of “Lord Inquisitor,” you seriously need to be!  This random guy I have never heard of before just started making his own CGI movie based of Inq. Coteaz.  Seriously, his work is amazing, just the little shots of ships pulling out of warp space is a thing to behold.  If only Ultramarine was this good then we wouldn’t have to make a drinking game out of it to get through the damn thing!
Once again, the painting and modeling threads were popular this week.  And once again someone comes out of nowhere and posts up something that makes you cry in shame.  I seriously don’t want to put my own models on the same table as this thing.  I particularly like the water/rust effects below the left knee cap. The blending overall is beautiful as well.
Lastly, Warpspawned gave us all a link to his blog dedicated to getting warhammer quest back into the production line over at GW.  He has also started an online petition to achieve the same thing, now that is dedication!  Sadly I fear that GW will once again look over this cry from its consumers while it tries to push yet another lame expansion down our throats. For what it is worth Warpspawn, I got your back!
That is all this week folks, I hope you liked this weeks recap and that you will head on over to the Lounge to chill for a bit…And remember, lounge responsibly.

What threads have you guys been reading in the Lounge this week? does something deserve a mention that wasn’t here? Email me at [email protected]