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NEWS: Privateer Unveils “Core Models” to Meet Demand

Jul 28 2011

Remember how Privateer was upfront with their struggles to meet customer demand for models.  Looks like they have made some headway on that front…

From their press release:

…The core list was designed in a joint effort between Privateer Press’ development and retail support departments. The items included represent popular model choices for both new and existing players and showcase the core essence of each faction. Because WARMACHINE and HORDES are constantly evolving games, we will continually evaluate this list and update it when necessary based on retailer and player feedback to ensure the best possible core product remains consistently in stock for retailers and players. In addition, new plastic kits will be automatically added to the list immediately upon release.

As we continue to aggressively expand our production capabilities the wait time for items not on the core list will shorten until all items return to our pre–Mk II release turnaround times. Until then, distributors should expect the following approximate lead times:

• Core Model Order List P.O.s will ship within 2 weeks.
• WARMACHINE and HORDES books and accessories will ship within 2–4 weeks.
• WARMACHINE and HORDES metal models not on the core list will ship within 6-8 weeks…

~Take a look through that list for what’s in and what’s not. Have at it folks.

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