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BREAKING: Warmachine PAX Goodies

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Aug 27 2011

PAX is going on right now, and Privateer Press was in attendance,  Here’s what our roving reporter dug up.

Sturm & Drang were released at PAX as everyone probably knows.  While we got a sneak peak of their stats in a Privateer insider last week, their spells were still a mystery.  Here’s the scoop.  Sturm & Drang have two different spell lists.  You must pick which of them will cast each turn.

Sturm has a more balanced spell list with some good tricks and one rather unexpected spell:

Drang is all about the beasts with only two spells:
-Killing ground

In addition there were some other cool things at the booth including the painted Circle Celestial Fulcrum (see above) and perhaps the coolest thing:  prototypes for plastic warbeasts.  Just dire trolls for now.

Plastic Warbeasts (works in progress) 

~Have at it folks!  It doesn’t take much to envision updated plastic Hordes starter boxes coming down the pipe based on that info.

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