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WARGames Con: Narrative Wrap Up

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Aug 17 2011

Rabscutle here with a recap of the WARGames Con Narrative Event.

So we had fun. I know I need more to the recap than that, but honestly, it was the key to everything. The fun in Narrative is being able to bring out things that are simply unplayable in a more traditional 40k competitive event. You can have your own made up tank or bring out the Elysian Drop Guard to obliterate the hopes and dreams of anyone without an AA gun. You can also bring a smile to the table, cause it doesn’t matter who wins or loses, but how epic the explosion was.

Nothing beats the moment at a Narrative table when you pop a super heavy. The anticipation is palpable. Everyone, including the player in control of what got destroyed is hoping for that Apocalyptic explosion that rocks the table and opens a massive hole where once there was a swarm of models. This year was no exception, with two memorable booms on the Armageddon table and a few on the Badab table.

I’d give you a blow by blow battle report, but that isn’t nearly as fun as some of the insane match ups we saw:

The Blasta Bomma being ridden by a hoard of StormBoyz

The ever present Flight of Valkyries

Into the Palace of Thorns

Fully painted Badab War armies are awesome!

Like I said, fun was had by all. In the end, we won prizes as well, with each table voting for the player who embodied the event with their army and play. Basically, who was the most fun to play with. I must humbly admit that I won for the Armageddon table and truly appreciated my fellow players all turning to point at me when called to vote.

Another year done, another Narrative track finished. No word yet on what we are planning for next year, but I think we can come up with a few fun scenarios. That or, perhaps, even write our own fluff. Who has some ideas?

As always with Narrative, go big or go home!  When’s the last time you got a bunch of friends together and had an Apoc game witha ll your cool toys? Well that’s too long!


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