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FORGEWORLD: Contemptor & Space Marine Goodies

Sep 2 2011

Oh, Forgeworld, why do you tease us so.  You almost make me think I can salvage my CSM army… almost.

Yet more weapon options for the spectacular Contemptor Dreadnought.  Now we’re talking some heavy firepower!

Contemptor Cyclone Missile Launcher
Contemptor Heavy Conversion Beamer
and updated rules! ~seriously, read the weapon stats.

Valthex Astral Claws Master of the Forge
Space Marine Boarding Assault Upgrade Kit

I’m a little weak knee-ed just thinking about the ideal weapon options to fill out a fire support Comtemptor Dread for my Death Guard.  Any ideas? 

Also, and for the record – Design Studio: If you don’t make a plastic Chaosified Contemptor Dread for the Chaos Legions codex you’re leaving money on the table – lots of it. 

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