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This Week in 40K Podcasting – 8/26/2011 – 9/1/2011

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Sep 4 2011

Welcome to another “This Week in 40K Podcasting,”

Here is this week’s top 5!

The Overlords – Episode 63 ***Explicit***

Highlights: This week the guys open up the show with some news coverage, discussing some of the Sisters of Battle Codex follies, some Black Library releases, and some Warpath army releases. Next, the boys go into some local Overlords news, announcements, and answer some emails. This then moves right into what the guys have been up to this week, which included games played, hobby accomplished, and watching the 11th Company’s coverage of the Nova Open! Then the guys dive into Ciaran’s Meatlocker, and this week they talk about Ciaran’s experience at the Nova Open overall. He talked about the social aspects of it, meeting fellow podcasters, the venue itself, and the grandness of this awesome tournament overall. Then they go deeper into Ciaran’s tournament performance, they talked about the rules for the event and how it was scored, and the games he played, and how well he did. They close out the show this week by delving back into Dean’s Dimension where they discuss the Tau Empire. They open up talking about where the Tau came from in the 40K fluff sense of it and move on to talk about the story of the Tau, how their society is constructed and how the military works. They finish it off by talking about how the Tau interacts with other races of the galaxy.

Opinion: I really enjoyed this week’s podcast from the Overlords, and getting back to Dean’s Dimension is a big reason why to be honest. I loved hearing about Ciaran’s experience at the Nova Open and I am a bit sad I could not make it this year. Overall, this was a great podcast; I’d add it to your list this week!

40K UK – Episode 19

Highlights: To open up the show, Dave announces that 40K UK will be hosting/running the UK Grand Tournament next year! So the guys talk some about the tournament itself and what they would like to do with it. Next up in Operation Codex, the guys discuss the Fast Attack choices from the Necron Codex. They get down and dirty with this aged Codex and discuss what tactics still work for the Necron Fast attacks. Then, in “Something I prepared Earlier”, Captain Kirk discusses some of his favorite modeling and basing hints and tips. This turns out to be a very detailed segment that covers a wide range of advice of how to get your army ready for a tournament. Next, the guys start a new segment, “The News”, which surprise, surprise, covers the latest news in the world of 40K. Then, on the tournament report, Dave interviews the TO of the End Times Tournaments, Franco. They talk about all of the details of the tournament and some of the missions. Then, Dave has an interview with Frank Marsh who won the End Times Tournament. They talk about his Eldar list and how he did so well at the tournament. To close out the show, Dave has an interview with Meatshield Ciaran from the Overlords podcast and they discuss his Dark Eldar Hellion list that he is taking to the Nova Open.

Options: This was an interesting podcast that I really enjoyed. They did something I had not ever thought of before, which was discussing the painting techniques for the tournament minded player. Operation Codex is quickly becoming my favorite segment, and it was cool to hear from Ciaran and how his list turned out before the Nova Open. Overall, a good show I really enjoyed!

The Heroic 28s – Episode 17 ***Explicit***

Highlights: This week, the guys have not only a full staff in studio this week, but also are plus a listener for a monster 4-Hour podcast! The guys open up the show with what they have been doing in the hobby lately before moving about the recent news in the hobby, including the Nova Open and the ETC results, Warpath Minis, and the Railhead Rumble 2012 is announced. Then, the guys move on to talk about the Feast of Blades tournament which they all recently attended. They open up talking about the lists that they bought to this competitive event. They then go into great details about the games that they played and how well, or not so well, they did in the tournament. They also talked about some of the special scenarios and rules that they used in this tournament. Next up, the guys give a full and detailed review of Codex: Chaos Space Marines. They open up by going over some of what the Codex used to be in previous editions of the game and the previous fluff as compared to the current Codex. They move on to talk about whom or what is the best selection from the army in each of the Force Organization slots. They then move on to talk about tactics for and against this army and what tricks you can pull off with the list. Next up, the guys discuss some of the 6th Edition rumors from every angle and they also talk about what they would like to see in the next edition of the game. They get personal about the game that they love and talk about what they hope will keep 40K around for the near future. Some simple stuff like faster turnaround on Codices, a tighter tournament focused rule set, and a closer involved in the community from GW. They also talk about some of the rules changes they would like to see as well. They close out the show this discussing the Deployment phase of the game. They take a tactical look at this very import part of your game!

Options: A monster of a podcast, that was jam packed with tactics and fun! What more can you ask for? The main segment for the show is near and dear to me as I am trying to convince a friend of mine that Chaos Space Marines are still competitive. I plan to point him in the direction of this podcast to stir the juices of creativity for him! What better compliment can I pay this week’s show? Overall, I’d recommend it, as it is a big rollercoaster of fun this week! Great work guys!


Life After the Cover Save – Episode 34 ***Explicit***

Highlights: This week the guys are back and open up the show with their usual antics and talking about what they have been doing lately in the hobby and otherwise. They then move on to talk about their ‘Ard Boyz performance this year and talk about how they did at the tournament. In the next segment, the guys start a new feature called ‘Hitting the Boards with Big Nasty B’ and this is where Blake picks a random topic from the forums and discusses it. This week they talk about a younger player cheating during a game and fighting tooth and nail for line of sight in a friendly game, and how to deal with this issue without hurting the feelings of all involved. Next up the guys get back to Robo Ed’s Battleforce breakdown and this week they breakdown the new Chaos Daemons Battlefocre, giving you an idea of the points that you are buying, talk about the units contained in the box, and let you know if they think it is a must buy or not. To close out the show, the boys talk about the release of the demo of Space Marine from THQ. They talk about their reactions to this awesome demo and what they hope the full game will be like.

Opinion: I never miss this show, ever. Even on the weeks I am off I always listen to LAtCS, and this week was really 40K focused. Well, focused for them anyway. I have always been a fan of the Battleforce Breakdowns, and it was great to her the guys go on about Space Marine. This was a great show this week, so check it out!

Jaded Gamercast – Episode 44 ***Explicit***

Highlights: This week the guys open up the show by talking about what they have been doing lately in the hobby, talking mostly about additions to their Fantasy Armies. Then, in Higher Learning, they boys discuss how to hide your GW purchases (or other gaming purchases) from your significant other. How do you make your purchases without getting yourself in trouble at home? Good hiding places, tactics for how to get those models in the door without getting into hot water. Next up, the guys have decided to start up some listener challenges, starting up some good discussions on their Facebook page. They then move on to talk about the second half of the Sisters of Battle in this month’s White Dwarf and what has been done to this poor army. This turns into a full out review of the army itself and White Dwarf.

Opinion: It can truly be said that when this show is mostly 40K related, it ends up on my list of top 5. This is no exception, as this was an outstanding show. I really feel bad for what has happened to the poor Sisters of Battle and I do not understand what this codex is supposed to be. I loved the guys appraisal of the ‘dex and really loved their advice on how to hide those GW purchases. This was a pretty good show and I liked it!

Honorable Mentions – All great podcasts that just missed this cut this week, but you should still check them out, in no particular order:


The 11th Company – Nova Open Video Coverage ***Explicit***- Ok, not a podcast I know, but this is a MUST for any 40K fan. I liked the ICs coverage of Adepticon this year, but I loved the 11th Company’s coverage of the Nova Open. The open mics on the players made it like you were almost there. OUTSTANDING!

The Eternal Warriors – Episode 28 ***Explicit***- Rumors and GenCon 2011

Seanhammer – Episode 55 ***Explicit***- The Lone Wolf and Nick Kyme

Interesting Tactics – Episode 18 ***Explicit***- The Final Show for Rob and Adam – A mess around show

Failhammer – Episode 15 ***Explicit*** – Flavor of the Month Games, Rumors, and News

40K for Old Men – Episode 18 ***Explicit*** – Fantasy Coverage

So, that is it for This Week in 40K podcasting, thanks for reading. Got a podcast all about 40K, or mostly 40K that I am not listening to? Let me know about it, [email protected] and I’ll be happy to add you to my listening schedule! Disagree with my review? Post comments for that too!

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