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40K Rumors: Necrons Two Weeks Out

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Oct 11 2011
Warhammer 40K
a new codex please…

The birds are saying it will be a very *spooky* Halloween boys and girls – if your idea of spooky is bitter, well armed robots.

Thanks to Eldargal for digging up this one:

“confirmed by my local GWS store, cant say who or they might face legal action lol, necrons annouced 22nd october – 29 october including november white dwarf, released/pre-order after that 5th november onwards.” – Hypertrophy

The latest Necron rumor posts are here.

We’ve been hearing on and off scuttlebutt of the “Big Unveil” being scheduled for Halloween.  Heck Dreadfleet came out the weekend before International Talk Like a Pirate Day.  Did someone in Games Workshop marketing develop a sense of humor on us? I wonder what army would be unveiled right before Thanksgiving?

Have at it folks.  What do you want most for a special Necron Halloween?

Author: Larry Vela
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