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Terrible Tuesday: I’ll Show You Mine…

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Oct 25 2011

I’ve been resting my poor Empty Digital Headache lately, giving the ol’ noggin a rest for what’s coming. Yes, Brent is gonna get controversial again sometime soon, as recently there’s been cause to rethink some wargaming paradigms…

…but that’s to come; let’s deal with the now!

Part of rethinking my approach to wargaming is reexamining my love of the hobby, specifically the models.  Today’s article is very simple:  what follows are pictures of some of my favorites, with a short, explanatory blurb where appropriate.

And yea, as the title suggests we here at Bell are inviting you to drop a pic or a link or an email to show off your favorite toys.

(Yea, yea!  Call them miniatures if you must, but on some level you must realize the truth.  Accept it!)

Ah, the old RTB1 era Ork Boys!  Of all the original 40K models, these hold up the worst.  It’s like a modern day mini-me or something… sad.  Still, the model on the right was my first ever paint job – back in the ancient days of 1989 – though sadly it went through a repaint some years later.  The Boy on the left is my favorite sculpt of the bunch, though I’m not really sure why!

An Infinity miniature!  I loved this army and the idea of the game… but I’ve never actually been able to play.  Sad, that.  Still, I stretched myself on this one, though I’m having a hard time explaining how!

These are truly personal favorites, ’cause I simply love this model!  I was very happy with the way the scheme worked out, and for some reason I just dig the bulk of the Wargor – he just looks like a beast, you know?

Here’s an Acheron Zombie Master.  The sculpt and details just work, and for many years it rated as my best work. 

This was a simple head and hand swap, but it created such a different look!  This model remains my inspiration for conversion – it doesn’t always have to be complex to work.

Then there are the complex conversions!  My Slaaneshi-Themed Eldar are the most complex conversions I’ve ever attempted, army-wide.  I learned how tough it is to stay consistent through so many different models, but it is by far the work I’m most proud of!

This is about favorites, yes?  So many of your gamers out there will understand why these two are included.  In a role-playing game I ran for many years, these two chaps are colorful brothers… yea.  There are numerous unifying touches, all experiments for me at the time.

These are maybe a bit dated, being over a decade old…  I think.  I’m beginning to lose track of time… crap.  I’m old!

The Wolf Lord of my old 13th Company tournament army.  Again, a bit dated, but still fun.

Now we’re getting there!  I’ve been Stalking Jawaballs Since 2009, and sometimes such behavior is… naughty.  I think this sent a clear message about my bad intentions toward his Blood Angels!

This was a quick test model for the Vostroyans.  I just love how it came out, so my dream is to one day collect enough to start it.

Here’s another old model, and my first attempt at green stuff.  I wanted this dude to be incredibly overbalanced, leaping over battlefield damage on the way to shooting someone with his ridiculous gun.  The left leg is almost all greenstuff, since I found it was hard to kitbash the look I needed.

The Brotherhood test model!  In my top 3… and yea, I see the damn mold line now… *sigh*

What’s there to say?  Again, top 3.


Ah, Bjorn the Fell Clawed!  What’s there to say?

Here’s the top spot, Kaine and the Black Paladins from the Confrontation line.  

It’s funny what you learn; I picked these models out because they are among my favorite, but it wasn’t until actually writing the blurbs that I realized how much each of them stretched my ability.

In almost all cases, there was a deliberate attempt to reach past my comfort level and create something to be proud of.  This isn’t about being the best painter – ’cause the Blogosphere is crammed with talent – it’s about achieving personal bests.

I don’t intend for this to be some kind of ‘Yea, me!’ post where I drop a bunch of pics for you to flick through, but rather the hope is you’ll take the time to dig through your own collection to see what inspires you.  Most of my choices aren’t that glamorous – they just represent my favorites.

Interestingly enough, if I was called upon to pull out my favorite squads, it would be quite a different article!

Who wants to see the followup?  Terrible Tuesday:  You Show Me Yours..!


Drop your photos or links; if you can’t, email ([email protected]) me a picture of your favorite model and I’ll publish it here on Bell of Lost Souls, the blog that still reaches more dedicated wargamers than any other!

Thoughts?  Comments?  Hugs and gropings?

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